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JugJugJug wrote:
Any chance of getting a heads up on what area/quest completion/char level Summon Holy Relic can be obtained and used at? How much regen it grants to player and minions? So little actual information has been released, it makes it very hard to plan in advance.
The only thing I can say is that ZiggyD used it in The Submerged Passage, so you'll probably get it from Breaking Some Eggs at level 4, or even earlier.

Its damage and life regen (flat or %?) are a well-kept secret for some reason.

Mr_Cee wrote:
3) It would have been great to also have plain unlevelled gems in addition, to see the base requirements for each, and probably also determine what stat the quaility bonus is.
At 20% quality:

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - 20% Increased Totem Damage

Consecrated Path - 10% Increased Area of Effect

Smite - 10% Increased Area of Effect

Toxic Rain - 10% Increased Area of Effect

Dominating Blow - 10% Increased Minion Damage

Herald of Purity - 20% Increased Minion Movement Speed

Herald of Agony - 20% Increased Minion Movement Speed

Summon Holy Relic - 10% Increased Area of Effect

Static Strike - 20% Chance to Shock

Caustic Arrow - 10% Increased Area of Effect

Withering Touch - 10% Increased Chaos Damage

Vicious Projectiles - 10% Increased Physical Damage

The only one I'm not sure about is Scourge Arrow. I guess it's 5% More Attack Speed at 20% quality.
I like them <-- Krillson video
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BigFrog49 wrote:
An obsequious & sycophantic remark!

MGA2 wrote:
typo on Scourge Arrow reading "along it's path."

Let's see if they actually notice and fix this before release.

Litmus test!
I make eggs.
Joker wrote:
20% quality value for new gems

thank you for that info.
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When I first saw the new Static Strike gem, I was disapointed.

Then I watched ZiggyD's video of the new Static Strike! Now Im super hyped for it.
Cant wait to make a new character with these gems
too bad dom blow isn't a support.
sidtherat wrote:
alhazred70 wrote:
ZekromEX wrote:
Static Strike still makes no sense to me, You nerfed an already weak move to make even weaker? why not just make a movement skill gem at this point?

How are you calling this a nerf? its automated DPS that only needs to be refreshed every 4 seconds, stick it in a Innervate support 5L helm, you can literally tag something with no link smite (extra lightning damage) tag something with Static strike and then Static Strike, Charged Dash or Lightning Strike around with automated DPS supplementing your main skill for 7 seconds at a time with duration nodes.

Its basically Mirage Archer for melee except it will leech and LGoH to you. I can think of a ton of things to do with a 4 second automated melee attack.

im pretty sure that there are at least 0 players who would bother with using 3 skills instead of just using one solid one to get the same effect

noone knows how Static Strike is going to work but the description sounds bad. not to mention that this skill is Dead by Design (no stat stick compatibility)

I mean skillless scrubs who can only push one button are only going to play the top #1 meta skill to begin with, which ofc they will just follow a build for, so they weren't going to run a melee character let alone static strike lol.

The funny thing is you think I'm living in a fantasy when you're the one that's dreaming up your own private reality where any of these non top meta skills are used by "people who don't do more than one button".
When is POE going to gate something behind HOW GOOD YOU PLAY, HOW SMART YOUR CHOICES or HOW STRONG YOUR CHARACTER IS? why must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING be nested RNG, gated behind how many 16 hour days you can repeat the same EASY BORING low maps?

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