Upcoming Divination Cards

Are people really excited about more cards?
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Jerle wrote:
Are people really excited about more cards?
Not really. The not so good ones drop too often and the useful ones are rarely seen. For example, Charan's sword card takes 27 cards. Since it was added to the game, I've found 1.
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Shamuskie wrote:
Hmm not sure how I feel about these...

Edit: Elder Haunted Mansion is actually a super good map to spam, so you're not really as limited as you seem to think.

HM is also in or around the Underground Sea and Armory tier. Courthouse is close behind.

Thing is you only get one Elder Orb so whichever you pick you have access to 1-5 T16S without trading.

Because you won't pick Chateau, you now have 2-6 before trading.
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Hemmingfish wrote:
I don't think a single one of those sets is going to be able to be completed. Possibly the most worthless news post yet.

Through the magic of trade all things are possible :)

And of course if you don't want the rewards, cha-ching$

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Mesa want Gem preview next plz.
Wesa want Gem preview next plz.
Did I mention I like shiny Gems?
Did I mention I like grimy Gems?
That or unique items similar to Whispering Ice with their own skill linked to it that players don't have access to yet.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
Well delving deep in the dungeon and finding a div card deposit... :D
Dude nice. I really always wanted every chase unique to have div cards just so that the uniques wouldn't be locked out of more than half of the playerbase. My wish has been granted.
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LeetbakaDX wrote:
Atziri...is Zana's mum.

There you go.

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