Upcoming Divination Cards

queen's sacrifice from 88ex to 20 NERF
Marvin "Big Peepee" Hernandez
Jerle wrote:
Are people really excited about more cards?

They are additional shiny things designed to draw people's attention away from the game's deeper and harder-to-fix flaws.

Whether people get excited or not, GGG needs to continue delivering these shinies so that the team looks like they are busy improving the game and so that fewer people are out there asking the harder questions regarding the game's horrible balance problems, performance problems, overreliance on RNG to create gating mechanisms, etc.

Farewell, fellow exiles. New hopes are on the horizon, and we may yet see a worthy successor to D2.
Omg nice cards =)
More gifts to traders.
They are purging the bottom half of the community as measured by profitable to them. Good business sense, perfectly legal. They don't need or want new players. They want new spending.

Spent 3.15's support money on Last Epoch instead.
Why Chateau I'm wondering
I want it... NOW
Is wilted rose a direct reference to the horrid wilting spell from the classic dnd games like icewindale 2?
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sirgog wrote:
Looks like my card is in this expansion. It might puzzle people at first, so here's the intention behind it.

The Price of Protection

5 card set

T16 (Elder) Chateau Map, white

I like variety at endgame.

Because you only get one Elder Orb, the game mechanics encourage you to pick the very best map to use it on.

The playerbase has largely solved the question of which map this is - it's Armory or Underground Sea if you want absolute monster count; Beach if you want the best layout; or Burial Chambers or Lair if you want the best divination cards.

Chateau is one of many maps that isn't quite the best at anything. It has a high absolute monster count, a mediocre but not amazing layout, and a mediocre pool of divination cards. Its biggest strengths are being able to use white sextants and Vaaling into a decent map.

It's a decent map to run as your t16, but not **the best**, so you pick something else instead to use your one Elder Orb.

This is the motivation behind the card - if you are running Tier 16s in a trade league (or SSF if you can compile sets), you now have one more tileset to add to your endgame pool of maps.

I don't know where the card will drop, but I'm hoping it drops from one (or more) of the challenging and frequently skipped higher tier map bosses.

Why pick mediocre map? There are plenty of other great maps that people don't use an Elder orb on, like Atoll/Dunes/Courtyard etc. Just feels like a good idea that was wasted. Maybe make it more rare and give a 'one use to "elder-orb" any map of your choice'.

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