Announcing Path of Exile: Delve

As interesting as this mine sounds, it will not work. (the same reason as bestiary league; anything that remotely slows down the player's clear speed will most likely considered to be useless....people will say it is "clunky")

for example:

I am going to farm a T12 map in 2-3 min or I can slowly walked around to escort a little cart....

I can farm 1hr in maps to get enough currency to buy almost any of the mine's items that can be obtained in a 4-5hr farm inside the mine... why would I spent 4 times amount of time in that situation?

another problem is only the meta builds will be played.

if your build is not meta, well, your mine exploration will not get too far. no sustain? no go, not enough damage? no go. no way to clear ailment? no go. can't maneuver around close range proximity? no go.

ps. I can't even imagine how frustrated when minions run off on their own in to the dark and get killed or flicker strike into the dark and get killed.

pps. Now I really start to question about the longevity of the game now.
Also, is there any plan to improve game performance in Ashen Fields and similar recent areas ?

No matter what I do I get about 10/20 fps in that zone, a bit better but about the same for Ravaged Square, Torched Courts and the maps using these assets. I guess fire is the problem.
Herald of Ice is better but still have some big drops, and most detailed area skills are unusable for me from act ten and starting maps (Earthquake, Ground Slam, Molten Strike, Caustic Arrow, Tornado Shot, Bladefall, Kinetic Blast, and Spectral Throw having the biggest impact on performance). Lightning Ground effects are still destroying FPS too.

People who can't afford last gen CPU can't really play the game properly* after the Acts, although your requirements has been the same for years. (lol at the disk space required)

I would really like some serious performance improvements, please.

Anyway, I am pretty excited for the new content as always, nice new ideas, great to see new skills still being made. Also was a big fan of Torchlight dungeon so this is pretty welcome. Nice job guys.

*at 60fps
Super to see that you used the descent (endless dungeon) idea, it's more of a dream in rogue like than a thing, at last some devs are catching up from ideas from the 80, probably more like from the 70 pen and paper. You get all my respect for that alone.
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Completed 6 ChallengesYgidua wrote:
Completed 9 ChallengesLoveLsy wrote:
Nets 2.0

Thanks I guess. For a company that prides itself with player feedback there's a huge disconnect between what we say and what you do.

Nobody liked the nets ok? N O B O D Y. I don't know who is pushing this agenda for new leagues but he/she is doing GGG a huge disservice. I am willing to bet everything I have that the person who has done Beastiary is the same person who came up with this moronic idea of throwing light sticks on the ground and whatnot.

You are slowly but surely becoming nu-Blizzard.

Bestiary was more popular and played, than Incursion. There are sources that prove this. Therefore it makes sense to design a similar non speed meta league.

We should all be happy that we don´t get Breach 5.0, as it´s been nothing but a nuisance to always play the same in every league except for one, Bestiary.

This is an ARPG, timers and 10 second rifts have no place here. We want to adventure into dungeons, fight big encounters and this with a variety of builds. It´s a great feature that we can level our lorry. This gives hope that we might at one point get a true follower system.

It was so popular that it wasn't added to the game as a core mechanic. Don't let the "it was too difficult to implement" meme fool you. Watch the podcast where Raizqt tells Chris Wilson about how the players hated Beastiary ( nets to be more specific ) and Chris just stands there acknowledging it. You can't say things like it was "more popular" because you have no way to measure that.

For the more played part, that might be true, I don't know. Care to show us your sources? And how can you even compare it when Incursion didn't even finish. Also you know a little fact about Beastiary nets and this Delve memesticks is that you could COMPLETELY ignore the NET mechanic while in this new league you HAVE TO or else you literally die.

Just stop.
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Players: We want there to be harder content that is rewarding and not just T3 burial chambers spam.

GGG: Adds a mechanic with difficulty scaling so that it rewards builds that can tackle harder content.

Player: F*ck you GGG not all builds will be able to do this you are killing diversity my parents never hugged me I hate you TencentGGG sell out REEEEEE.

People are silly.

Hungry Man: "I need a knife to cut this food"

Chef: "Here is the knife, it's inside a locked box, guarded by a starving dog."

Hungry Man: "Wtf? Why is it inside a...."

Chef: "Jesus...ungrateful much? You got your knife."

2 great posts. Maybe next league will be 'Analogy wars'.
Best POE league in coming! I love the idea of infinite depths.
Looks great, but the worst thing in arpg's is endless difficulty. As it immediately invalidates 90% of the builds and immensely raises prices for BiS items. This is also why greater rifts are one of the worst things about diablo3.

Endless dungeon = big yes, endless difficulty = big no! Therefor I share the concerns the player "Almighty_hippo" has posted a few posts up.

Depending on how this plays out, incursion might have been my last league.

Edit: Btw, aren't expansions always the major(up to 480$) supporter packs?
Edit2: Due to divination cards, some maps are being farmed alot more. Wouldn't it be better to let divination cards drop like currency, every card everywhere? (atleast in maps)
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NO PLS not again some nets\lights\bombs in inventory. Stupid idea of walking like 1step\hour waiting for cart to keep up. Or i can see how damn train move on but some poor soul wait for 6sec cooldown on convocation to summon minions inside proximity shield of random fat ass motherf*cker.
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No word on Party Improvements?
Delve is 3.4. Where are the Party Improvements announced
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
If QA doesn't fit into release schedule then something is going wrong.
I just watched the ziggy D video on the league.

Looks like the best thing thats ever been added to the game, and it might actually save the game from the completely out of control power creep that has consumed it.

You just about caught me, I was on the verge of writing this game off for good after 5 years of dedication to the cause. This could be the saviour of the game for me, at worst it looks so interesting that Im coming back properly and we are gonna give this thing a serious try. Im not one for letting expectations get out of control, but Im officially as interested as interested gets over here, so big shouts to the team.

Completed 9 ChallengesLoveLsy wrote:
Completed 6 ChallengesYgidua wrote:

Bestiary was more popular and played, than Incursion. There are sources that prove this. Therefore it makes sense to design a similar non speed meta league.

For the more played part, that might be true, I don't know. Care to show us your sources?

someone posted player concurrence stats a few weeks into incursion. Incursion had more players on the opening day and had more players at the 2 week mark than bestiary did. the sources are out there and they prove the opposite of what hes claiming.

It was fairly close, dont get me wrong it wasnt a huge difference, but it certainly wasnt what he is making out.

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