[3.5] Immortal Incandescent Heart/Apep's Sacrifice BV/CI Occultist

I initially rolled this as league starter got to 81 then quit and rerolled arc trapper. I recently picked this back up after getting some decent ES items, the build is without a doubt still strong and I've adopted some things from PoEDan. However, I feel like with the Extra Ele dmg rolls getting nerfed so hard the build is roughly about 2/3rds as strong as before. I believe maybe with some Delve crafting and hoping for Minion Damage/Damage full life rolls + Extra ele damage it might be more viable HOWEVER no one is crafting these weapons.

TL;DR, still a strong build. However, it's extremely weak for it's cost until we can fix the weapon slot imo.

Edit, I've been messing around with Delve crafting for a decent weapon. It's VERY expensive, I've used maybe 3/4ex trying to get dual +extra elemental/minion dmg/dmg on full life.
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Isnt stat stick nerfed?
I am unable to clear tier 12, I must be doing something wrong, the trash can kill me (with some modifiers) and boses just mice the shield.
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Build is still super tanky, I've done everything but uber elder so far.. damage is pretty meh. I have a dual t1 stat stick with the extra chaos mod as well and it feels very lackluster. RIP statsticks. Need something like waggles stat stick last league that was absolutely absurd.
Yeah the damage is really lackluster - I put a good chunk into the build and have 8.1k ES at the moment - it's super tanky, but I wasn't able to afford the roll on the neck or rings for more elemental damage, the build needs it.

I also don't have all of the skill tree passives for damage.

So I think the damage can still get decent, but not as good as before.

I'm not sure it's a huge issue - uber elder would take way longer, but that aside this build does extremely well against the syndicate, which is a huge plus.

I can tank 4 of them in a t12+ map, and I still can use better gear/passives.

I also need a 2nd curse, that's more damage too.
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Some ideas I've been playing with:

Winter orb works extremely well with this build and the clear is absurd. Run something like +2 corrupted Skin of the Loyal (should get quite cheap due to "pure" breachstone meta) with Winter Orb - GMP - Cold Pen - Ice Bite - Empower - Slower Proj / Controlled Destruction, or similar in a +2 or +4 tabula. Use Winter Orb - Efficacy - Increased Duration - Faster Casting in another slot. Use the body keybind to get a couple of charges and snapshot, then the other one for QoL so you can just sprint through maps watching everything explode. Since it's cold damage, run Herald of Ice instead of Hatred.

If doing the above, you probably want the minion nodes instead of Force Shaper. Alternatively, you can drop those plus a few other things to go get the Crystal Skin cluster on the right side of the tree, plus Elemental focus. Those plus the crafted suffix on gloves and helm give 100% avoidance of chill, freeze and ignite plus 80% avoidance of shock. Then you can drop Dream Fragments and the anti-ignite flask for a second ring with faster start of energy shield recharge. Or you can swap the ring by dropping Profane Bloom and Malediction ascendancy points for Void Beacon and Frigid Wake since the chaos explosions are less important with Winter Orb's clear speed.

Caveat, Winter Orb is ridiculous so far, but the highest map I've run it on is Haunted Mansion. It's possible it might not hold up that well at high red maps, I'm not sure yet. But at T6, I pretty much just one-shot everything (other than Syndicate though they're still easy) as I sprint past, and I could still gain at least 40% more damage with various upgrades. Probably more if I push it. But even if it eventually becomes untenable, switching back to BV is easy.
PepePalomares wrote:
I am unable to clear tier 12, I must be doing something wrong, the trash can kill me (with some modifiers) and boses just mice the shield.

I took a look at your character and I see your Immortal Call is level 14. If you read your level 4 Cast When Damage Taken, you'll notice that it's never going to trigger Immortal Call because the required level is too high. Get a new IC gem and don't level it up, and that should help a ton.

Next, make sure you have a way to get rid of Ignites. You're immune to most other degens (except cold damage AoEs and stuff like Kitava's burning ground breath), but ignites will prevent your recharge from triggering, so you want something to deal with that.

Once you fix those, if you're still finding it difficult, you can make the following improvements:

Add Increased Duration Support to your Immortal Call setup
Get jewels with faster start of energy shield recharge
Get an increased duration corruption on your belt
Get a Watcher's Eye with faster start of energy shield recharge while affected by Discipline
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After reading few last posts, I start to regret taking this build as starter. How weaker dps is compared to 3.4? Also do you guys have problems witch farming t15/16/guardians/shaper?
NaneLz wrote:
After reading few last posts, I start to regret taking this build as starter. How weaker dps is compared to 3.4? Also do you guys have problems witch farming t15/16/guardians/shaper?

I'm fine with everything including shaper. My biggest advice piece would be FOR BOSSING drop the unique belt pick up Stygian delve crafted for the mods mine has, then delve craft an double gain extra ele damage mod amulet like I did. It makes up the difference for damage. That makes you drop a good amount of ES I'm at 8300 I could get it back to around 8600/8700 and im using a 21 discipline. and DELVE CRAFT your own foil with +dmg on full life and use the open prefix to extra +extra chaos dmg/spell dmg hybrid.

Build is fine damage wise with all of that you just have to use delve crafting because these items are so niche no one else is crafting them.

Edit- you also DONT need apep's IMO till you are trying to do uber elder and DEEP delving.

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Damn nice guide. Always wanted to try out a build like this. I would reroll my lvl 93 bv elementalist but sadly I wasted my currency very early in the league. And you mentioned that it is expensive. Feelsbad.
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