[3.5] Immortal Incandescent Heart/Apep's Sacrifice BV/CI Occultist

I've noticed this build does a fair amount of all types of elemental damage. Would Elemental Equilibrium be a decent pickup or would it do too little?

Also I got a drop of Energy from Within (with the 1% reduced mana reserve). Do you think that it's worth putting the extra points in to take advantage of it? It's possibly a massive increase in energy shield.
Note: I just moved a few things around to try with Energy from Within... it's a difference of 1K Energy shield
The build still does too much physical for EE to be worth it. If you converted all of the phys to elements, sure.
Hi folks. Any chance this build could be done on a budget? Mainly wondering if this can be done without apep/baller watcher's eye. I get survival will be cut but will at at least be good enough for normal shaper and delve around 300ish?

This build work on 3.5??
This build still works well for 3.5, and thank you for the guide.

I've been running my own variation of the build through all of 3.5 and It has been able to do all content. Since the nerfs to the phys gain on shaper items I went for a high Minion damage roll on my weapon to gain more damage from it. Additionally I'd like to get one with Increased damage on full but, just haven't had the crafting luck for it yet.

Uber Elder has been a bit tough with what I'm currently using but, Swapping out a damage aura for Purity of Ice will most likely make the fight much easier since I don't really need my current 1.5M Shaper DPS to down the content.

Not my build, but I've been running/trying to min/max is this league so, feel free to shoot me a whisper if you have any questions.
Watcher's eye price is killing... over 100EX..... so sad :(
golden88 wrote:
Watcher's eye price is killing... over 100EX..... so sad :(

LOL .. The clarity
alone is 80-120ex on hardcore. And a faster recharge is around 30ex. Both together is probably 200ex . Without clarity seems likke the es will be quite shit for the investment.
I'm confused - there is nothing attached to the Scion starting nodes? How are we getting the 25 all stats?
Might try to make something like this

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