[3.5] Immortal Incandescent Heart/Apep's Sacrifice BV/CI Occultist

Hey - how do you feel this bulid will be in 3.6? Thinking of running BV for first time in 3.6, and your build grabbed my attention.


EDIT: What do you think the Tree would look like now? You'd want to get some ES Leech, yes?

Thoughts on "Unleash Support" and "Zealotry" aura?
IGN: @Chek_Leech
Feel free to contact me in game with any questions/bins/bids.
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Not to much remember we are Occys
Does anyone have a roughly updated skilltree for 3.6 for this build? I've seen a lot of people going about adding minion damage to their builds or doing triple curses.

Just wondering how people are playing this in synthesis
how is this in 3.7
Viable in 3.7??
Roca33 wrote:
Viable in 3.7??


Waycoolozs wrote:
Not to much remember we are Occys

Blade Vortex was nerfed after Betrayal (which was ok), but then Occultist Ascendancy was nerfed to the ground after Synthesis league.

This build is dead, just go and play cyclone slayer, like everyone else...

RiP +

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anyway this will be viable in 3.9?

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