[3.3] Dancing Duo Necromancer, Easy Uber elder, Shaper

Merkoh wrote:
Is anyone successfully playing an updated 3.5 build of this?

Sure am, only level 80 atm but doing pretty well and scale-able to endgame
Weel first hello all and thanks fot the build.
My opinion abaut this build is that its a really cheap build that can do almost every red map fine, with any mod exept no regen.
It was horrible while leveling up agains the new syndicate content they are to op, i die almost everytime with 1 hit and im a bad player so when i started doing maps i already had die 60 times (level 75).
So after gearing up a little and having more life, i can said is a good build and kind of tanky too, im right now lv 89 and my death count its 70-75 not bad taking in count that i spend just 1 ex in this gear that im using right now.
You need to get used to the rampage mechanics and more important that any of that it s where do you stand while starting a fight.
Not beguiner friendly at all.
The leveling up prosses with no uniques and sf its nice if you know what you are doing but really slow, with the usual content you are not going to have any problems, just use zombies, spectre, ragin spirit.

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