Mathil Build List v3.0


"Rain of Doom Deadeye" version with Tempest and Inpulsa. I'm thinking to play this build but instead of RoA I wanna use:

- Tornado Shot
- Added Lightning Damage
- Elemental Damage with Attacks
- Elemental Focus
- Lightning Penetration
- Increased Critical Damage

+ ascendancy change: "Far Shot" -> "Powerful Precision".

In PoB we have total DPS twice as large.. but it's just theory and numbers.

What do you think of such build?
Blade Flurry looking joocy.

I'm a little confused though -

what is the Single Target set up? and what is the clearing setup?

Does pulverize stay in for both?
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whats the best panthenon for the storm brand build?
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Hi Mathil! Question regarding "Voidforge Sweep Scion (Celestial Janitor)"
You mentioned that you can go slayer ascendancy with this build, whats your recommendation spending points in the tree? Going with the abyssus and skipping the Dancing with death.

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Hi Mathil! Question regarding "Voidforge Sweep Scion (Celestial Janitor) - where do you get lifesteal?
the video on the tube with starter builds is not up yet, someone know if he had any problem on uploading it??
Hi dude. I wanna start playing new gem "Cobra Lash". Can you prepare a showcase about it or we try to find out from your video? Thanks for helping ;)
Just a quick question, even after watching Mathil's videos I still don't know the purpose of the "Summon Skitterbots" . Also would another skill such as Aspect of the cat be better than the skitterbots since the mana reserver changes by 10% and benefits more maybe?
Hey mathil, does the last ailment mod help for cobra lash build? just seen a video that you are also playing it but i aint sure..

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