[3.5]Tybbber's Champion Chin Sol full fire Blast Rain/RoA | Uber Elder farmer/all content viable

TybbberLol wrote:
what is the best in slot for 6L rain of arrows? and what can i use in free slots that i have on ather stuff?

If you have enough slots, i guess you can run a Cast when damage setup? I never use those, so i'll leave the details of the links to you, but the standard CWDT/Immortal Call/Inc duration should work fine.
You could also use orb of storms/curse on hit/ Assassin's mark
You could also use phase run if you want for 5 sec of high movement speed, other than those, i don't really see any. You can put in a CWDT as well if you like.
I have a few spare gems slots on my gear, i'm not worried about it. Use it for leveling gems or w/e.

As for the Rain of Arrow, 5 link damages is more than enough so i'd use increased critical strikes chances as 6th link for more reliability when mapping.
So Rain of Arrow/WeD/AoE/Mirage Archer/Added cold/Inc crit strikes.

thanks alot :)
Why do you go for Point Blank when you don't use projectile attacks?
Edit: nvm, didn't realise that both RoA and BR get scaled with projectile damage/PB despite not having a tag for it..
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What do you think about using Xoph's Blood?
What do you think about using Xoph's Blood?

I think it's way too expensive for what it does.

Avatar of fire is useless, the life is ok, but you probably get around the same amount with a good life amulet, and the fire penetration mod isn't amazing when you take into account that we have 107% fire penetration.

The cover in Ash is really sweet and a good amount of damage increase, but it requires to get hit to proc it, which is really unreliable. A rare amulet that expensive might give slightly less damages but with no conditions, which makes it better.

There is also the attributes requirements that you need to fulfill, particularly intelligence, which could be a pain with such amulet.
Im currently playing ISSF and i guess im a little bit lucky(Chin sol drop, shroud of the lightless, xoph's), i saw this build and it seems fun. i'll give it a try (:

Thank you for sharing this build! This is incredible. Already clearing red maps at 77 and I haven't even done uber lab yet...LOL.

Hoping to kill Shaper for my first time with this build.

Chin Sol 6L - 10 fusings
Loreweave 6L - 150~ fusings

RNG smiling at you it would seem!

Happy that you like it! Good luck on the Shaper fight mate.
Very interested in this build actually, would 16 exalts spending limit be enough to clear all the content you clear in your videos?
would 16 exalts spending limit be enough to clear all the content you clear in your videos?

At this stage of the league i would say yes. It's hard to tell how much i had in the clips, because i don't remember the specifics of the gear and most was self found, but i'm not sure i even had 15 ex on it.

The damage feels underwhelming at fresh 70, but I'll admit that I probably need to give it a little time to gather passives and level up gems.

Hoping to kill Uber Elder with this build. :)
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