[3.5]Tybbber's Champion Chin Sol full fire Blast Rain/RoA | Uber Elder farmer/all content viable


Hey guys, Tybbber here. I've been playing for a few years now and i usually build around endgame bosses. This is the first time i share one on the forums, although friends used some of mines in the past and never were disappointed! Hope you'll enjoy it as well.
I'm a streamer as well now. You can ask questions about this build or see how it plays there: https://www.twitch.tv/tybbber

The build

This is a build for a Champion, but it can be played as a Dedeye, a Raider and a Scion, all with different level of effectiveness and goal associated with it. I'll discuss all different versions in the Ascendancy part below. We use Rain of Arrow for the clear, and Blast Rain for the single target. The predominant goal is single target and a tanky character, so keep in mind it's build around having huge amount of it, and less around clear speed.


1 - Videos
2 - Pros and Cons
3 - Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon
4 - Gear
5 - Gem Setup
6 - DPS, Mechanics, Why and how it works
7 - Leveling
8 - Endgame

Is it going to work in Betrayal/3.5?

For anyone wondering if the build is still viable in 3.5, it very much is!

Chin Sol is still best in slot until you can craft a delve bow which has some of the following mods:

-20% fire penetration
-20% more damage with socketed attack skills
-high crit chance
-20% chance to deal double damages
-high elemental damages through Prismatic fossil

You need those mods on a Thicket base, Shaper base, and you should have a bow STRONGER than current Chin Sol. It is however super hard to craft, as you also need to colour it to use the mod "20% more damage with socketed attack skills"

I'll completely update the build with a better version later this league, when i think about it deeply in PoB, or play the character.

There are lots of interesting options this league, but i don't know them all enough yet to make the better version i can, but you can play the build in this very state, and it'll clear the whole game with no issue.

On my end, cause i feel like it's funny enough to mention, i'm playing a Cast on Crit Bow Deadeye Magma Orb, and it works suprisngly well. So if you wanna check out that, or ask me about the Blast Rain build, as always you can do here or on my stream.

3.4 Delve Achievements :

Played the build with a Scion version of it later in the league. You can check the gear on my character "TybGoodOldChinSol".

It was an all around more versatile option, with the slayer leech, and good damages as well. Having played both, i think Champion is really really strong for this build, especially since you don't need as much money to make it work just as well.

The Scion took down the whole game without issue. Only thing i didn't kill with it is Aul, cause i fucked up and messed up the fight on a depth 500 ish AoE, extra cold and something else mods. I think it could kill it if you learn the fight, but i didn't sadly.

3.3 Incursion Flashback Achievements :

Took down the whole game by day 3. Went the fortify route with great effectiveness.
Uber Elder deathless multiples times, not a single set wasted. Chayula Breach super easy, no danger of dying at all during the travel, slight danger on the cyclone of the boss.
Facetanking Minotaurs and Chimera for days.
PoB at the time of clearing everything for the 4 days. https://pastebin.com/fKdfySMH
PoB code after gearing up really nicely and stomping the game completely: https://pastebin.com/w97X2FaU

3.3 ISC League Achievements and DPS :

Done all the content at level 90. This is the build i used for my boss service over there:
Deathless Uber Elder run with 3 flasks(mistake). Can't seem to reproduce it often enough to mytaste thhough. https://youtu.be/w6kNlRiZge0

The DPS is around 3M with my current setup, and can reach around 6M if you invest heavily into it, which i deemed completely unnecessary since it destroyed the whole content already. If anything, investing in more defenses would be an interesting option, see below to see what can be done.
Check the mechanics section to see how we reach that DPS if you are interested.

PoB link if you know what you are doing and don't care about the explanations:
Keep in mind PoB doesn't take into account the enchant, which results in 20% more damages, which makes us go a bit over 3M Shaper DPS.
Character name is TybbberBowIsntThatSlow on my profile. Gear can sometimes be missing because i use it on my others characters. I'll provide it below in full as of now.

1 - Videos

All of those are early in the league, day 4 at most with worse gear than what i linked below.
Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtErhJdbhHs
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9U6nIGyVdQ
Hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RLYCgmBnsk
Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxTOkT3nIVM
Uber Elder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6kNlRiZge0

I could link the Elder guardians fight on T16, but you just insta phase them and they don't move from their starting spots, so it's not really worth watching.

2 - Pros & Cons

+ Fast clear speed.
+ Extremely fun.
+ Champion with a bow, everyone gets confused when you trade.
+ Insane damage on bosses.
+ All around good survivability vs bosses.
+ Viable for all of the content.
+ Can start really cheap and have 1M DPS on low budget gear.

- Requires mechanics. If you are not used to play bow and Chin Sol, it gets time to get used to it.
- As it's a bow build, the upper hand of the spectrum for high DPS is expensive.
- Leveling as a starter is a pain. Labs points aren't as good as other classes.

3 - Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon

Passive tree

Current tree: http://poeurl.com/bX9m
You could however sacrifice the shadow part and grab the scion wheel to get a tankier version: http://poeurl.com/bX9n
Keep in mind that attributes requirement might be harder to fullfill this way.


Each ascendancy explanation got a picture of it with the order of points i would advise to take, check on the right from top to bottom to know them. I recommend opening them in a new tab (Right click, open image in a new tab) to have the full size and read those points better if you need to.


Champion tree: http://poeurl.com/b15z

Why Champion?

Fastest to achieve boss killer status, especially early in the league and with a budget. The combination of Adrenaline, which boost our damages tremendously and the 100% hit chance makes it a monster in single target for really cheap. To do so we sacrifice some quality of life in movement speed and attack speed, as well as some tankiness by not going the Fortify route. This is something that i feel is necessary early on to get that high damage spike while you gear yourself. Of course the final version of the build is tankier and uses the Fortify node.

+ Best version for a high damage spike early leading to early boss killing.
+ Second highest damage scaling, after Scion version in really expensive gear setup.
+ Champion with a bow, everyone gets confused when you trade.
+ Viable for all of the content.
+ Versatile options between defense and offense.
+ Tankiest version with the Fortify node.

- Requires mechanics if you go the full DPS route.
- As it's a bow build, the upper hand of the spectrum for high DPS is expensive.
- Leveling as a starter is a pain. Labs points are rather hard to use at the beginning.

My first version early in the league is the following one:

Order: Inspirational > Conqueror > Worthy Foe > First to strike, Last to fall

Reason for that choice is that i need a lot of damage to rush as far as possible, as fast as possible. Inspirational is the only good point we can get for normal lab, and it ease the leveling part a lot.

Remember that it was designed as an Uber Elder farmer, and league starter. Good items are scarce, so you have to make do with what you can get, and Adrenaline is insanely strong for that. It might seem weird that i take it as the 4th point, but i usually have my Uber lab done by day 2, which is around level 80 something. Before reaching red maps, or having a decent cast speed weapon swap, adrenaline is more of a pain to sustain than a good boost.

Past day 4, and once my DPS has reached a high enough level, i switch to the following setup:

I don't start with this one, although i could see it happen if you want to feel tanky from the start, or you're playing Hardcore. Main reason for this change is the stun immunity. Yes, Fortify works as a huge amount of effective HP, but the stun immunity is the biggest Quality of Life you can get on any build. This makes the build unstoppable and you can zig zag in between pack of monsters safely to use the full power of the Chin Sol.


Dedeye tree: http://poeurl.com/b15y

Why Dedeye?

Dedeye can be seen as an easier version to play because of multiples reasons. It has an easier access to good nodes on the tree early on, making leveling much easier in the first couple levels. It has a stronger normal lab 2 pointer, helping even more your early leveling. It has a more linear scaling, because each lab is an improvment, instead of waiting for a 4 pointer to have the damage you are looking for. It has less mechanics required to make it work. By that i mean that you don't need to be carefull about your Adrenaline uptime.

+ Best version for early leveling.
+ Easiest version to play.
+ Good early damage spike with just 3 labs.
+ Viable for all of the content.
+ Fast version with Tailwind and the Blink Arrow cooldown.

- DPS has a lower ceilling than Scion or Champion.
- As it's a bow build, the upper hand of the spectrum for high DPS is expensive.

Order: Fast and Deadly > Tailwind > Rupture > Powerful Precision

As you can see, there is less cons to this version. It's because it doesn't put together as much mechanics, it's a fairly straightforward bow build adjusted to the Dedeye ascendancy in this case. I would advise you to pick this one if you never played a bow character before. I consider it worse in multiple aspects to the others, mainly because of DPS and tankiness, but it's a faster playstyle and is more forgiving in a sense.


Raider tree: http://poeurl.com/b15x

Why Raider?

Raider is very similar to the Dedeye in this case, and the end result is going to be almost the same. It ends up having a bit more attack speed and movement speed compared to Dedeye, and a lot more of those compared to Scion and Champion. We don't use a lot of movement speed, especially queen of the forest, so Raider is still faster than Dedeye. Because you need frenzy charges on the tree, it leaves a bit less points available for customisation, but we still make it work. DPS wise, it's not the strongest, but it feels really good to play. Decent league starter as well, with a strong normal lab and cruel lab.

+ Easy early leveling.
+ Fastest version to play.
+ Viable for all of the content.

- DPS has the lowest ceilling, but spike really early, making it strong for early boss farming(atziri and the like).
- As it's a bow build, the upper hand of the spectrum for high DPS is expensive.
- "Less" points in the tree cause you "need" to take the frenzy charges.

Order: Way of the Poacher > Avatar of the Slaughter > Rapid Assault > Avatar of the Chase


Scion tree: http://poeurl.com/b15u

Why Scion?

Scion is the most versatile ascendancy in the game. You can make a version which has more DPS than the Champion, one which would have good clearspeed like the Raider or Dedeye, or mix a bit of both. I classify the scion as the best ascendancy you can go for because of the strength of some combos, as well as having a bit more points on the tree. Making it work isn't that easy though, especially because you need currency.

+ Most versatile version.
+ Most Endgame viable version.
+ Slayer's leech is one of the most broken thing in the game.

- Most expensive version, by far.
- Leveling is a pain.
- Normal lab is a passive point.

Order: Chieftain > Slayer > Path of the Slayer

The version i choosed goes with Slayer and Chieftain combo. Chieftain is here because it's a 20% more damage as we do only fire damages and ennemies covered in Ash take 20% more fire damages. Slayer is here because "Life leech effects are not removed at full life" is one of the most broken thing in the game. It allows you so much freedom in a lot of the game encounter. This is something you have to use to consider how absurdly powerful it is. Combo that with Vaal Pact and a trick to get a bit more regen when you get hit, and it's like walking around with 56% Life regen/sec. At all time. Well, every time you are going to get hit, which is when it matters. That recovery is also why i consider it to be the best endgame version. Fortify is stronger against one hitter, but that huge regen is what makes the difference in the end.


Help Alira. Critical multiplier, resistances, and mana regeneration at the beginning is really nice. It's the best one you can get. Later on with really good gear, a respec to 2 points could be done to min max the build, but i wouldn't recommend bothering.


Major: Soul of the Brine King, Nice to avoid stun locks, although some of the upgrades are the most interesting part when looking at it from a boss killing point of view. Stun and block recovery is nice, as it reduces stun duration, allowing for more dodging. The reduce chill effect is really sweet too against Shaper and Elder, as a lot of damages are cold based, and chill happens a lot(Attacks/Shapers' Balls/Vortices(plural for vortex)).

If you play as a Champion, and once you get the Fortify node, you don't have any issues with stuns. Once you get there i would advise you to switch your major pantheon for Soul of Arakaali and capture Arachnoxia to get the "50% increased recovery rate of life and energy shield if you've stopped taking damage over time recently". To make this work, you need to use Blood rage all the time, and a 2L CWDT+Immortal call.

Because Blood rage is a physical degen, once you take any hit (we keep CWDT and IC level 1), we become invulnerable to physical damages, and so to the blood rage degen, effectively getting that pantheon recovery rate.

This means in different cases that you would get the following:
No VP leech: 20%*1.5= 30% - 4%(blood rage) + 2%(taunted an enemy recently) + 2.6%(tree) = 30.6%/sec
With VP leech: 20%*1.5*2= 60% - 4%(blood rage) = 56%/sec

This is a huge boost to our recovery, and i would advise to take it if you can live with the blood rage degen while mapping. Blood Rage also gives a nice attack speed boost when used against bosses.

As a Scion i would always take this, because of the Slayer's Leech. This means we have 56% life regen/sec pretty much, which is bonkers.

Minor: Soul of Ryslatha, Grants flask charges, mainly used for sustaining against Uber Elder. Upgrading it is really nice as it will boost our regeneration considerably when triggering adrenaline.

4 - Gear

My gear at level 90:

Mandatory Unique:

Chin Sol

Best bow in the game for single target. Really cheap, allowing us to grab it day 1 for 10c. Using the full power of it requires to get in close range, and it gets a bit getting used to it. Decent enough clear and doesn't require a weapon swap.

Recommended Uniques:

By order of importance for the build :

Starkonja's Head

High amount of life, good attack speed, decent crit. All around good helmet as long as you can balance your resistances without. Grabbing an uber lab enchant version improves your DPS by ~20% more. (4.75/4=1.1875)

Lioneye's Fall

Allows us to grab claws critical strike chances and multiplier as well as leech, instead of the duelist area.


Used only for the 2 abyssal sockets, allowing us to reach more DPS as it's one of the way we scale base damages.


Pretty cheap to make, although tedious as it requires 60 uniques rings to vendor in exchange for that chest. Main focus of it is the 80% max res, helping us mainly against cold of the Uber Elder fight. Next stats to look for elemental damages, phys damages and critical chances in order.

Other Gear Breakdown


Prioritize Critical multiplier>Attack speed>Critical strike chance>Elemental damages with attacks while keeping a decent life roll. Luckily Spike-Point quivers are fairly cheap due to being offmeta. This one did cost 10 chaos day 3.


Stygian Vise base to get another abyssal jewel in the build. This is one the res slots, focus on getting triple resistances, then life, and if you can afford it, a elemental damages roll.


Another resistances slot. Order of importance is movement speed(20% is my minimum)>resistances>life.


Can be a really good damage boost slots if you can cap resistances. Otherwise order of importance is res>life. Once you get enough resistances, a high elemental damages roll, an Opal Ring, and/or flat fire damages to attack is something to look into.


Only requirement is usually intelligence. Damages stats are in order : Crit multiplier>elemental damage to attacks>crit chances>flat fire damages to attacks>flat physical damages to attacks. Try to keep a decent life roll aswell.

Flasks :

Removes bleeding and refill on critical strikes. Can be used fairly often thanks to the Surgeon's mod and Pantheon.

Keep fire resistances the highest for penetration. Cold resistance lowest could help against Uber Elder.

Best damage flask you can get. Duration is the most important mod.

Good damage flask as well. Duration is really good here too.

Quicksilver because running is our main mobility skill. Freeze immunity cause we need it somewhere.

You could roll anti-curse on the Silver or Diamond flask if you want, i have one that i switch for heavy curse maps.

Jewels :

This is the type of jewel you want.
List of mods useful to get on abyssal jewels:
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+# fire damages to attacks
+# fire damages to bow attacks
+# maximum life
+#% attack speed
+#% attack speed if you did a critical strike recently
+#% chance to blind enemies on hit with attacks(get at least one of those, 2 is maximum)

You can also use normal Virdian jewels with the following choice of mods:
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
+#% maximum life
+#% attack speed
+#% attack speed with bows
+#% fire damages
+#% projectile damages
+#% area damages

Enchantments on Helmet and Boots:

For the helmet there is only one worth considering :
Blast Rain has a 75% chance for an additional blast.

The way to check how much damages it adds is the following:
75% chance for an additional blast gonna count as 0.75 explosion.
4.75 explosions with enchants vs 4 explosions without:
The enchant gives us roughly 19% more damages.

For the boots if you can avoid using double res boots, which is REALLY hard, or if you are using Bubonic Trails(best in slot boots):
- Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damages if you haven Killed Recently
- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
- Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently(for Uber elder)

5 - Gem Links

Gems will be sorted by order of importance.

Main Damage setup :

Those colors are pretty impossible to use on a Chin Sol, so use a Tabula until you get a 6L Loreweave.

Main Clearing setup :

I didn't put a 6L cause i didn't want to spend more fusings into my chest. Damages is more than enough to clear all the trash in maps so a 6th link could be increased crit strikes chances to make it feel better.

Auras and Buffs:

Quality on Herald of Ash is really important, it's a 15% fire roll.
Quality on Anger doesn't matter, aim for level 21.
Quality on Blood Rage is nice.

Blink arrow setup:

Blink arrow speed gets scaled of attack speed for the animation, and projectile speed for the speed of the arrow. Using both gems allows us to get near instant blink arrow.

We don't use one because it fucks up targeting against end game bosses and nothing feels worse than dying from an attack targeted on your golem.

6 - DPS, Mechanics, Why and how it works


We have a bit above 3M Shaper DPS thanks to the combination of multiples mechanics:
By using immolate we have a good amount of base fire damages. We ignite thanks to a combination of Combustion and Critical Strikes having innate ignite. Keep in mind we ignite thanks to RoA, so one very important thing to do is to open the fight against any boss with a salve of Rain of Arrows. In most case the boss is going to be ignited. Mirage archer is going to keep that ignite for a good duration, while we DPS with Blast Rain. If the fight is too long, you may have to refresh the mirage archer duration on Rain of Arrows.

The reason we do this is to min max our single target setup. By using Elemental focus instead of combustion, we gain 1.5/1.3= 15% DPS. The fire penetration on combustion works when it's ignited by the Rain of Arrows.

We have a huge amount of penetration: Blast Rain 25% - Fire penetration 37% - Wise Oak 15% - Combustion 19% - Tree 11% which adds up to 107% fire penetration.
This means that EE and res maps mods are usually not a big concern. This also means that we could use another gem, like Damage on Full Life, instead of Fire Penetration to go full PoB Warrior DPS mode.

Defenses :

Dodging is your best defense. You got high movement speed, use it.

In the eventuality you run into something that hits you, we get a 5K base health pool with 80% max res, acrobatics and a bit of evasion. In the latter stages of the game, you also have Fortify, and most enemies are going to be blinded.

If you recap those defenses layers, this is what you get:
-5000 hp
-Fortify, 20% reduced damages from hits
-Taunted enemies deals 6% less damages.
-Up to 80% resistances on a Loreweave.
-Acrobatics, which is 30% chance to dodge.
-Enemies you will hit enough times to proc the blind, will have 50% chance to miss.
-You cannot be stunned. This is a huge quality of life thing and feels awesome.
-Decent movement speed to dodge.
-Up to 56% life leeched/sec

We start getting a quite tanky character with those stats.

7 - Leveling

If it's not your first character of the league, buying a few specific uniques makes for a sweet and really fast leveling experience :
Gloves: Lochtonial Caress
Helmet: Goldrim
Chest: Tabula
Bow: Storm Cloud
Quiver: Hyrri's Bite, then upgrade to the fated version if you have the moneys.
Amulet: Karui's Ward
Belt: Darkness Enthroned with good abyssal jewels / or Prismweave
Boots : Wanderlust
Rings: Elreon's rings until you get mana leech then anything to cap res/life/flat dmg

Links could be : Rain of Arrows/Added cold/added lightning/wed/aoe/mirage archer
For bosses, replace Rain of Arrows with Blast Rain if you think Dps is a bit low.
Grab 3 heralds at act 2, and swap herald of thunder and ice for Anger at act 3.
Blood Rage is really nice for the attack speed and frenzy charges.


If it's your first build of the league :

Game mechanics if you need explanations can be found here if you are a new player: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7GqFLebBU8inlrcqTZFXtIwP362XrdNe

Ressources for leveling if you need them:
Enginering Eternity leveling layout video guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7GqFLebBU8hhd5u7sKzae_kd7r6LRI9s

I'm gonna explain the way i leveled up in flashback, which was the fastest and easiest way to go at it, in my opinion. It's mostly based on your ability to buy items of poe.trade when you gonna be playing, so be sure to be able to use that third-part app well enough.

The whole point of bow while leveling is that they often lack damages, but they have some of the best uniques you can use for leveling. Let's check at what of the story and progression you want to be geared with what. I'm going to be using G for green socket, B for blue, and R for red. So a GGR is a 3L with 2 green sockets and 1 red socket. I'm going to specify which quest i do and if one isn't written, chances are it's not worth doing it while leveling. This won't be the tankiest leveling there is, because i usually prefer leveling fast, and can afford dying a FEW times (did the whole flashback leveling up to 70 deathless without any issues, so it's really doable) to get that comfort leveling going.

Act 1:

Early game tree: poeurl.com/b108

Once you get to lioneye's Watch, you are going to be equipped with a sword (starting weapon of the duelist). Don't bother identifying magic items that dropped for him. Only items worth identifying are: Iron ring, Boots, Bow and a 2L GR. Aside that potential 2L or bow, and movement speed boots, sell all other pieces of gear you may have gotten from Hillock.

Except if you did drop a bow from Hillock, we are going to buy one from Tarkleigh for 1 scroll of wisdom. Try and pick one with the most sockets/colors that would be good for us. Those are green and red mainly. We will avoid using our important (aka DPS) links on bow, but at the very beginning we can afford to. Look for a 2L GG or GR.

Grab shrapnel shot as a quest reward for killing Hillock from that same Tarkleigh. Always look for movement speed boots when you get back to town on that same vendor again. It's a nice quality of life boost. If you have transmutation shards from selling magic items, sell those as well. Our goal is to have 3 scrolls of wisdom to buy an Iron Ring to Nessa, which is a really strong early game boost.

Now that you have your bow, if you have a 2L ANYWHERE on your gear that is GR, you can use Shrapnel Shot with Chance to Bleed for the early levels. You have Chance to Bleed from the chest on your way to Hillock.

Gear recap:

Any bow, movement speed boots if you got lucky with vendor/drop, a 2L GR if you got lucky, and 1 to 2 iron rings.

We head to the mudflats, and into the submerged passage. Once you are there, take the waypoint back to the Coast, we are going to kill Hailrake for the Quicksilver. The reason we go up to the submerged passage is that we want to take the quest reward for the quicksilver at level 4. Quicksilver Flask at level 4 can easily roll freeze immunity, which can be important for later.

We then get back to the Submerged Passage and we are going to go towards the ledge. Once we get to the stairs, we want to use a portal scroll. Check below for what i'm refering to.

We are going to take those stairs to aim towards the Ledge and we'll get back to do the Dweller of the Depths quest slightly later. On the Ledge, go until you reach the waypoint. Once that is done go back to town and check for movement speed boots again if you don't have some already. You can also grab a second Iron Ring if you don't have 2. Get your portal to get back to the Submerged Passage and do the Dweller of the Depths quest. After that, back to town, check boots etc.

At this point you can already start looking on poe.trade for Ondar's Clasp. Those are usually 1 Alchemy's Orb maximum, even 15 minutes into the league. Keep that search open on the side until you grab some. Reason we use those is the 30% attack speed on full life, which makes the character much more responsive, and so faster. The flat damage is also sweet. We are going to keep those until way late (level 60-ish).

You can also buy a Siege Balista anytime you have an Orb of Transmutation from Nessa. This is going to be used on bosses often enough and is a good single target boost. Try and support it with those links in order of priority as you get more links available: GGRB Siege Balista + Faster Attacks + Elemental Damages with Attacks Skills + Elemental Focus(Duelist can't get this one, ask a friend to buy one for you at act 2)

Back to the story and up to Prison. Nothing specific here as we don't really use any of the gem reward from reaching the Prison. Chance to Bleed is good enough until we get a Storm Cloud. When you get to the Brutus Chambers, check for the blood on the floor to know which way is the right one.

After Brutus, you can log out and log back in, it's faster than going to the waypoint (which is unlocked when you kill Brutus), and cheaper than a portal scroll. Same thing as before, check for movement speed boots if you don't have some. Grab blink arrow from Tarkleigh as a reward for killing Brutus.

Keep going until the Ship Graveyard and do the quest there to get a passive point from Bestel. When you get to the Merveil's Caverns, go back to town and grab Rain of Arrows. This is going to be our skill for the whole leveling from now on.

Links for now is what you can get. RoA + Chance to Bleed works, but if you have GG links, you can use Onslaught or Mirage Archer that you can get from Nessa.

At this point, second unique item that we want to grab as soon as possible, a Storm Cloud. We are going to use one until we have a Chin Sol(yes, it's that strong). Reason is really high attack speed, making flat elemental damages scale really well. The nice base lightning damages is insane if you have it early as well.

From the moment you have a Storm Cloud, our gem links is going to be GGGR: Rain of Arrows + Mirage Archer + Onslaught (swap Faster Attacks on bosses if you feel like you need slightly more damages) + Elemental Damages with Attacks.

A stronger version is using GGRB with Rain of Arrows + Mirage Archer (or Onslaught) + Elemental Damages with Attacks Skills + Concentrade Effect. Reason is don't list this one above is that you need someone to buy you the Concentrated Effect gem.

You are going to get some of those later, don't worry if you don't see them in the vendor.

This is also the moment where you want to try and grab a Vaal Rain of Arrows from poe.trade or a guildmate. It makes a huge difference for bosses.

Finish act 1 with all of that and onto the rest of the story with a lot of the gearing already done.

Gear recap:

Act 2:

Tree: poeurl.com/b109

List of uniques you can work towards from this moment by order of priority:

Hyrri's Bite:

Good quiver that will last a long time. Attack speed, flat damages and attributes. Super cheap as well.

Karui's Ward:

Good damages, as well as movement speed. Only reason not to use it is if you need the slot for attributes. Even so i would try and get those stats in the tree.


This might be expensive in early leagues, but it's the strongest defensive option you can work on because of it's high amount of resistances. If you get one, we are going to keep it until Starkonja's Head.


I put those last because even though the movement speed is more than nice, i usually find movement speed + life and or resistances on boots fairly often, and that's better.

Nothing really specific in act 2 to do except buying a few things and working on the links specified above as you get more and more links. You can do the Den Quest as the reward is a Quicksilver Flask which is really good.

My usualy path in Act 2 is start with the Old Fields, do the Den quest and then move to the Crossroads. Keep going until the waypoint and move top to get to the Chamber of Sins. Once you are done, you can get herald from Greust.

Take Herald of Ice and buy a Blood Rage from Yeena. You can also buy an herald of lightning for a slight boost in DPS until you can grab Anger act 3. Back to Crossroads and go kill Kraitlyn.

Then move to the Riverways and when at the waypoint check for the cracks on the road and follow them to get to the Wetlands.

There kill Oak and grab the waypoint. Back to the Riverways and go to the Western Forest by keeping on following the main road. My order there is to follow the road and check for the same cracks as above, and get to Alira's Camp. We help her because the resistances and the critical multiplier are both worth more than 2 points in the tree. The mana regen is neat early too. Then get back to the road and follow it until you get to the end and kill the guys to activate the Emblem thing in the wall. This gives you a passive skill point back at act 1.

Last thing to do in Western Forest is to get to the Weaver's Chambers and kill her. After that you will be able to get Elemental Damages with Attacks Skills from Silk. You can buy a Faster attacks from Yeena for your Siege Balista too, or your blink arrow if you have the links(this is far from necessary).

Go back to the Wetlands and onto the Vaal Ruins. Have a lot of fun finding your way in there and keep going until the Caverns. Get to the top of the pyramid then and good job on clearing act 2.

Gear recap:

Storm cloud as weapon, Ondar's Clasp for gloves, Hyrri's Bite as quiver, Karui's Ward as amulet, movement speed boots and random other items.

Act 3:

Tree: poeurl.com/b11a

You can now live search for a Prismweave too. Best belt you can aim for because of it's huge amount of elemental damages with attacks and flat damages. Decent all resistances too. Hard to have a better DPS belt even by level 80.

You will also start dropping better rings, so replace those iron rings as soon as possible with rings having flat damages to attacks, life and resistances.

This act is fairly straight forward. Keep on following the main quest for all of it. Grab Anger as soon as you've done The Crematorium and use it instead of herald of lightning. Your aura setup should be herald of ice + Anger.

The only half useless zone to avoid is the Library in the Imperial Gardens. Don't forget to get the 3 busts in the Sewers for the skill point from Hargan. This is very short, but nothing to say on this act. Kill Dominus and move to act 4.

Gear recap:

Same as end of act 2, with potential better rings.

Act 4:

Tree: poeurl.com/b11b

You can go back to all the zones you missed the Ascendancy's Trial in and do it cause it's a good time to do the lab. Our Ascendancy is obviously a Champion, and the first point we will use is Inspirational. Good damages alongside movement speed helps early on. It's the only point which makes us go faster and having more damages without needing more labs.

Get to the Dried Lake to kill Voll and onto the mines. Don't forget to get the Deshret's Spirit at level 2 of those mines for the passive point back in town. When you go the end of Crystal Veins, i usually start with Daresso cause i feel he's easier. This is only a matter of taste and you can choose whatever you want. Keep on going and go kill Malachai to finish act 4.

Gear recap:

Act 5:

Tree: poeurl.com/b11c

Huge spike in difficulty, prepare to die a few times if you are not used too much with the monsters in here. Be careful of the proximity shield and wait for them to get down if you fear rushing in. Damages from the monsters is super high here, and we can't use our range because of the layouts of the zones. Soldier on and get through it, later acts are going to be way easier.

Don't forget the Miasmeter in the Control Blocks for a free skill point. It's usually in the top left of the map. Then go the Templar Grounds kill Innocence. Back to the Ruined square, head to the Ossuary.

After that and before going to kill Kitava, head south of the Ruined Square to get into the Reliquary for a skill point quest. Once it is done, onto the Cathedral Rooftop and finish part 1 of the story.

Good job going up to here, this might be the last gear recap as it won't change much from now on.

Gear recap:

Part II:

Part II write up is going to be way shorter per act because you are mostly geared already, and they are fairly straightforward. If you need more informations, let me know in the comments and i'll add some.

Act 6:

Tree: poeurl.com/b11d

Do the twilight strand quest to get the ability to get most of the gems first. If you feel like your DPS is too low, just avoid killing the gods from now on and go back to them when you feel better. They are very worth it to do though because of the skill point they give.

Act 7:

Start by going to the Crypt to grab Maligaro's map. Don't forget to do the Lab's trial while you are there. Then go the Chamber of Sins and put the map in the Map Device. The rules for this thing are like map later in the game. If you die 6 times, you run out of portals and you are going to need to go back to the Crypt to grab a new one... So avoid dying! After that head to the Ashen Fields through the Den. Kill Greust and get that sweet skill point in town. Then in the Northern forest, grab the fireflies in the Dread Thicket and finish the act through the Causeway, the Vaal City, and into the Temple of Decay.

Act 8:

Act 8 can be a massive bump in difficulty, especially because of the very first boss you are going to encounter. Aim for the Toxic Conduits and follow them until you are in Doedre's Cesspool. This fight can be very very frustrating if you lack a bit of DPS, as she does massive damages and she's very tanky. Get through it the way you want, skill or zerg through it, but once it's done, you won't get bothered by much other things in this act. I like to start by the right side and go to the Quay. Along the way don't forget to grab the Ankh and do the side quest of helping Clarissa. This gives you another skill point. In the Grain Gate you can get another skill point by killing the Gemling Legion. You can find your way in this zone thanks to the corpse in front of some entrance. Those always lead to the end.

Keep going towards the Solaris temple. In this zone you have a waypoint. One way is towards the top of the temple and kill the Sun Guard, the other one is to the Harbour Bridge. Kill that Sun guy and then head towards the bridge. I find this route faster than if you where going by the sewers again. Once you get to the Harbour Bridge, just go through it to the Lunaris Concourse. Get into the Lunaris temple and kill the Moon guy for the other orb. Once you have both, get back to the Harbour Bridge, in the middle and activate the statues of the sisters to fight the act 8's boss.

If this fight was hard, you'll be happy to know that it's the last hard fight of the story (except maybe Kitava if you aren't used to it), because the next zone is one which we will farm A LOT and we will stomp the rest of the game from now on.

Act 9:

Tree: poeurl.com/b11e

Blood Aqueduct, maybe the best zone to reach when a league start. That zone that you feel like you are free of the boring part of the game. You are probably between level 55 and 60. We are going to stay here for a while so i hope you like the layout. Our goal in here is to farm raw currency, improve our gear and farm for Humility cards. Humility cards gives a Tabula Rasa, which is going to be really sweet in terms of damages.

Our first thing to aim for is the one and only best bow in the game : Chin Sol.

This will give you a LOT of damages. More than you will know what to do with. Just so you have a rough idea of how absurd it is, here is a PoB link of ONLY a Chin Sol which has 233K SHAPER DPS at level 80. It is enough to carry out trough everything up to T10 with ease. It's not using Adrenaline, it's just the purest and earliest form of the build you can go for. You only need a Chin Sol and a Tabula Rasa: https://pastebin.com/y713JJ7F

Now that this is being said, Chin Sol early league can be bought two ways. Straight from poe.trade in one go, usual cost is around 8 to 14c. Other way to go at it is by buying the divination card which gives a Chin Sol called : The Blazing Fire (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Blazing_Fire).This card can be 1c/piece, which makes a 6c Chin Sol. Pretty good deal.

You can stay in the Blod Aqueduct until late 60s or you have enough to get a Tabula. Once you have a Chin Sol you can finish the story and start mapping even with a 4L, a Tabula isn't needed that early, it's just a good thing to do to grab some more level and get currency going at this very stage.

You can do the cruel lab if you feel like so at this moment. The second point we take is Conqueror. It's not a huge boost so you can keep it for later, once you do the merciless lab.

Once both those things are decided, let's finish act 9. Super straightforward, and rather fast act, i won't elaborate too much on it. I usually skip the Scorpion boss in the Oasis for later cause it's really not an interesting fight. Keep going through and take the boat to act 10.

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Tybbber's guide will continue on this post because he reached the 50k character limit.


Act 10:

You are almost done. Soon to be free and able to maps like all your friends told you it's what's fun in the game. Act 10 is back with the Act 5 style of getting destroyed by monsters in multiple ways. Proximity shield, getting leap slammed by Kitava's Herald, you name it, it's going to be painful. Try and be patient around those proximity shield and everything should be fine.

You can do the Control Blocks for a skill point. Otherwise you can head straight to the Torched Courts to grab Innocence Staff. At this point you can do lab trial in the Ossuary and get that merciless lab ascendancy. This should improve substantially your DPS output. Once it's done go get that Kitava kill.

Good job you finished the story! If you need further informations for the Endgame, check the other parts of the guide or more specifically the Endgame part below for a more informations on some Atlas choices/strategy and bosses informations, as well as money making tips around boss farming.

8 - Endgame

In this section i'll take mostly about bosses, and not much about the Atlas strategy, as my atlas strategy is always to complete everything, and to buy maps when i run out of them.
First, let's talk about money making when you do boss killing

How to decide what to farm

Multiple things need to be taken into account when you choose what boss or piece of content you want to farm. One of the first thing is "can i do it?". By that i mean that you will kill the boss without failing a set ever (wasting 6 portals in most cases).

Second thing is profit. If a set for a certain boss cost 5c, and the average return of the boss drop is 7c or more, you are going to make money. Never forget to take into account the fact that you will drop raw currency, 6sockets and maps when doing those boss runs. This adds up to your profit quite heavily. Let's break down a few of the end game bosses and what you need to go at them, as well as how to check how much money you can make.

Normal Atziri:


Nowadays, Atziri is a piece of cake for a lot of builds. This doesn't mean it will be easy for you if you've never fought her before. It is still a mechanical fight and can be challenging the first few times. You have more than enough gear to farm her whith the gear from the end part of the leveling phase above.

Now onto how to check if it makes money. Atziri can drop a few things, here they are with estimated price day 1/2:
-Atziri's Step : 4c+, can be a bit more with good rolls. Drops in price heavily even early on.
-Atziri's Promise: 8c+, good rolls can sell for 12c+ and price doesn't drop too hard for a few days.
-Doryani's Catalyst: 80c+?, it varies from league to league but it is the money making item of atziri farm. Doesn't drop in price too much.
-Doryani's Invitation: a few c, drops in price really fast and isn't used much.
-Uber Atziri fragments: They are very rare and price from a few c to 20c+, goes up in price as league goes on.
-Map: You drop a T3 map everytime i think. Doesn't sound like much, but day 2 it is a few alchs/1c.

Now you have to factor the price of a set, usually 5c, and the chance for each of these items to drop. This is the part where it's RNG dependant. Some people get a Doryani's Catalyst in a few runs and make bank, some don't get one in 24 runs(don't look at me). A good way to tell if a boss is worth farming is if the "normal drops"(in this case everything but the scepter and the fragments) bring at least the cost of the set. If the answer is yes, you are going to make slowly money until you get the scepter jackpot.

Uber Atziri:

Same link as above for informations about Atziri.

The Uber version is way harder, and is going to test your build in different ways. The best way to have decent runs is having good DPS. Lowering the amount of time you fight her is a sure way of having smooth runs.

First thing that is going to put you at a stop is the Trio. If you don't have enough DPS to kill the titty bitch first, and fast, you may have issue with her rain of spike. As the DPS in game kinda blows to know if you have enough, i would advise importing your character on Path of Building, with a classic boss killing setup. Check below.

Having a 4 explosions blast rain DPS of above 1M should net a decent run. I usually don't check my DPS this way when i go at these bosses, so i apologize if the number is slightly too high/low. I give this number because if you check on the wiki, each of the trio boss has 1 562 229 hp, and Atziri herself has slightly above 5M. This means you can kill one of the trio in 1.5 sec, fast enough, and as Atziri got 4 phases, you can burst each phases in 5/4=1.25sec.

Knowing the hp of the bosses you fight against and checking your DPS on PoB is a sure way to tell the time to kill and thus how much difficulty you may encounter.

As far as drops go, this is a boss i never farm, because i feel like it cost too much compared to the money it brings back. If the gloves where to become meta again, it might be really strong. You can apply the same method as in normal Atziri to tell how good/bad it is to farm it though, using the price of the items on poe.trade to know at any point of the league.


There are 5 Breachlords: Xoph, Tul, Esh, Uul Neetol, and Chayula. The first 4 are really easy and can be done with fairly low level of gear, and the 5th one is a bit of a [Removed by Support]. Reason for that is that the breaches are timed, and if you are not tanky enough, you could loose without even fighting the boss. All of them have close to worthless drops, and a few money making items here and there.

Always check the price of buying a breachstone compared to buying splinters, it can make a huge difference if you can afford to trade a bit more.
I don't speak of the blessing in the following, but it's worth noting that they pay back for the set most of the time, and make profit on Chayula all the time.

Note that the Breachlords aren't super hard, but really tanky. 1 828 186 for the first three, 2 703 804 for Uul Neetol, 3 076 141 for Chayula.



Easiest of all the breachlords, and got one item that cost a lot of money the whole league : Xoph's Heart. Drop rate is very low, around 1 every 20 breaches, but it can go up to 7 ex/piece. The bow and the helmet are usually vendor after a few days.

Note that breachlords' domain bring back a lot of currency from the run, as well as quite a few 6S, and maps.



Not much harder, be sure to have a freeze/chill immunity flask for both the breach and the both. Be wary of his channeled attack in a cone and replace yourself behind him when it happens.

Once again, amulet is worth quite a bit, albeit not as much as xoph. Drop rate seem to be the same. Chest can be worth a bit early on, and wand is worthless.



This one is the hardest of the first three. Because he shocks a lot, and the arena can be full of lightning balls, it can be overwhelming the first few times. Be careful of his nova and stand far away when he does it and you should be safe. You can blink arrow over the nova if your timing is right.

Two good items to look for in here. Amulet and Shield. Shield is played by wanders most of the time and a good clear speed item. This means it's worth quite a bit early in the league, when the race to 100 is alive. Amulet is a good item for lightning based characters, and those are fairly popular nowadays. Blessing is worth quite a bit in here because 2 of the items are good. Claws aren't that popular anymore.

Uul Neetol:


Fairly easy fight, just tankier. You are going to wonder why this boss is so weak. Low attacks, lots of windups meaning you can reposition yourself before he lands it.

Shield used to be worth quite a bit, but new shaper/elders rare shields became fairly competitive, and block isn't really popular anymore. Still worth checking for it early league. Blessing can be worth more than a run if few people farm it. Boots and axe aren't super expensive, mainly because they are really common.



This one is a lot harder than the previous ones. Don't expect an easy time. The breach gonna test the limit of your character because of the low amount of time and the raw damage of the monsters in here. Failling a set here cost a lot of money (breachstones can be up to 200c) so be careful. An Atziri's promise can be used in here if you feel like you need some chaos res.

The boss is very deadly as well with a combination of attacks with wide AoE. Try to stay away of the cyclone phase, and pick your time to burst it down well cause it still fairly squichy considering it's the last one (3M hp, vs 2M7 for uul neetol).

If you can run it with ease, you can make a lot of money. Most of the items in here are worth quite a bit, and the hardest part is getting enough run to have an average return good enough.

Skin of the loyal is the cheapest item you can drop, but a few combinations of colors can be interesting and worth a lot of money. It's a good item to corrupt for +1 gem as well.
All the jewels are worth a bit, at least early on. Later on, only the red nightmare is worth it, but it's a wooping up to 7ex/piece.
The blessing of chayula is always worth a bit more than one run. Keep in mind it doesn't drop all the time, 50% chance to drop is a good estimate.
The sword isn't worth much, but summoners in 3.4 are coming back full force, so it may see play.



For all the ways of how to influence the Atlas and how to spawn Elder and everything, i'll let you search for it elsewhere, cause they are some well written guide on it.

There are 4 tiers of Elder: white, yellow, red, Uber. It refers to the zone Elder is spawning it. I'll speak of Uber in it's own paragraph later.

First important thing to note is NEVER, EVER, run a white elder if you can afford not to. If you check the wiki links, he only drops belt and gloves, 2 worthless items. For that reason, we try and push the influence outside of white maps.

Elder is a good way of making money without many issues if you follow the complete the whole atlas strategy. Once you get good map sustain going, you won't need to buy any from poe.trade and it will feel smooth to run.

Let's talk about yellow elder. The drops in here start to be good. The 2 most important drops are the Watcher's Eye (around 1 run in 4), and the Shimmeron (i don't know droprate). Shimmeron early league is 4ex+ and watcher's eye depends heavily of the mods on it, but can go to absurd prices (think 90 ex+). Those watcher's eye won't sell at the very beginning obviously because people don't have the money, but it's important to note the potential. After all Delve needs an heavy amount of minmaxing, so if you drop insane watcher's eye, you are going to sell them for there realy value at some point.

Yellow Elder isn't very hard for the build, nor are his 4 guardians at any point. You don't need a lot of gear ot make it work. Same DPS as the Breachlords is a good start to feel decent, around 4K hp is good too.


The 4 guardians all have instersting fight and i'll let you have fun with them without talking too much about the mechanics.

All of them drops uniques, like the Shaper's Guardians, themed after them. Know that they drop one more in red tier, meaning red tier elder even though more expensive in the map cost can bring back more profit.

Yellow elder is a sure way of making money without going out of your way early in the league. Even later, some items like the Shimmeron, and the watcher's eye don't drop in price, so chaining those is a good idea.

Red Elder as i said drops one more item in himself, which is the Impresence. They usually aren't worth that much, except early in the league, and are fairly rare. Still important to ackownledge their existence, as they could bring some money to the bank.

If you can't farm red map comfortably, i would advise against pushing to red elder, as your DPS might feel bad. The fight is going to be doable, but it might be tedious. Important to note that even though you can fail and waste all portals in an elder guardian/elder map, just buying the map again leads you to resume the fight. This means that it's really cheap in case of failure, and you can try without too much pressure.

Some of the uniques on his guardians, like the amulet on eradicator are well worth it though and might make you want to push elder into red tier more often than yellows once your DPS allows it.

Shaper's Guardians:

This is the part of the game where you gear start to get questionned quite a bit and you need to play the game. I would advise 2M DPS here to feel good, and 4K health.



Easiest of the 4 by far. You simply have to side step every attack and it will be alright. Nothing of value to drop in here, except a nice bow MTX if you decide to skin transfer it.



Starts to get slightly harder. Here you will need to be careful of your positioning. You want to stay in the inner part of the arena as much as possible to avoid the places where fire cyclone start. You also want to kill the phoenixes as they spawn, but the mirage archer most of the time take care of that well enough. The amulet is worth quite a bit in here, and the sword for the first few days.

Avoid multiples projectiles and AoE as maps mods.



With the wrong mods, this one is really, really messy. Avoid at all cost AoE and onslaught. Once you are used to the fight, by all means go and see what it looks like, but it will be overwhelming. Once you get blind jewels going, and fortify, as well as 4K5+ hp and a loreweave, you will be able to facetank everything but the slam. It's a hard fight only undergeared. It's an interesting one for sure though, try and make him spawn his falling rocks AoE close to each other so you can move around the arena.

Here, the chest is worth quite a bit, and could be worth in Delve if people intend on using an Armor type character to push lower and lower. Forget about the mace.



Probably the hardest fight undergeared. Avoid onslaught, cause it's going to be really fast and once again, overwhelming. You should have enough DPS, cause you just need to do 1/4 of it's life every phase. Be carefull of the minions ads though, as they don't really care about your HP and hit like a truck. I usually stick to the bottom right entrance, kill the monsters here, spam the top entrance, and wait until the mini boss is dead to clear the 4 wave worth of monsters in the left entrance.

Here the claw could be worth quite a bit.



Shaper is one of the last boss of the game, and an hard encounter if you've never done it before. I would advise 2M DPS here to feel good, and 4K health. Hp won't matter too much, because you want to avoid everything except for his melee attacks. I'll let you check videos if you need in depth explanations of the fight, but you should go in there without watching too much, it's an interesting fight.

As far as drops go, the flask and the sword are worth a lot early on and as long as you don't have 22 streaks of boots+gloves (erm), you should make money with it.

Uber Elder:

The last big boi of the game. The hardest piece of content that you will struggle with for quite a bit of time. Sadly, this build isn't a facetank everything and spam until nothing moves, so you will have to learn the fight.

Fear not, it is very much made for the fight though, and i won't list all the reason why, because they are in the guide. If you've read everything, you went through 60 000+ characters too, so let's check why it can bring back so much money.

First, a set of Uber Elder can be super expensive, because you need 8 T16 maps + the maps to proc the influence. I usually drop a T16 every 2 T16, meaning i need around 120c/attempt (i value each T16 at 30c). Keep in mind because you do 8 T16 you have 2 Shaper sets, so if you don't fail the first Uber Elder run, you do have a "free" shaper run. Except from all the items you can drop on the guardians, elder guardians, and Shaper, which i've talked about above, here's the shiny things that this guy drops:

-Watcher's Eye with 3 propertier (1 in 4 runs usually), gives even more chances at good combination, as well as insane amount of money if you get the right 3 properties (this is very, very, very rare, don't count on it).
-Mark of the Shaper: Starts at 4 ex, and stays expensive for a while. Pretty much gives back the run and you get all the extra from the map drops, shaper, guardians etc.
-Mark of the Elder: Starts at 1-2 ex, drops fairly fast in price. Alright drop if early enough.
-Indigon: Starts at 7ex, drops in price fairly fast to 2ex (second week). Still one of the best you can drop.
-Disintegrator: No clue at what it start, but a bit above 1 ex. Not a super easy item to sell either, consider it a loss.
-Voideye Quiver: Complete ass quiver, loss of money (can still be sold early league for an ex, sometimes).

This is fairly short explanation of every boss in the end, but if you have any idea of what could be added to that, may it be boss mechanics, more precise informations on what gear could be teched into the fight etc, please let me know.

If you have any question or want to discuss item choice or pathing or anything build related just write it here or come ask on the stream https://www.twitch.tv/tybbber
Also don't hesitate to post your progression with this build if you try it yourself!

Thanks for reading!
[3.7] Scourge Arrow, Ignite Proliferation Elementalist. Melt T15 on a budget, All content viable.
[3.7] Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils Cast when Channeling Arc. Budget version included
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Damn finally found a build that I was looking for.

Probably gonna start it soon, for the blasphemy blood magic curse aura do blasphemy and blood magic need to be leveld or can I theoretically keep them both at level 1 as we're only using it to activate and deactive it for the adrenaline proc?

Probably gonna start it soon, for the blasphemy blood magic curse aura do blasphemy and blood magic need to be leveld or can I theoretically keep them both at level 1 as we're only using it to activate and deactive it for the adrenaline proc?

I forgot to link it, but i weapon swap to a staff with cast speed to make it feel slightly better (and to not use sockets). The level doesn't matter.
Can you post some leveling trees?

Fairly standard early tree, fill along the way.


We grab some nodes in the ranger area and travel a bit further to the shadow. No real order of importance between Ranger nodes or Forces of Nature and Revenge of the Hunted. We grab the leech nodes of duelist as well.


Taking the whole shadow area.

Last tree is the one linked in main post, where we take claws nodes instead of duelist leech when we get the Lioneye's Fall. We start getting crit around this point too. We grab jewels slots as we get more of them, and smaller nodes, like life, flasks nodes and the like at later levels.
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TybbberLol wrote:

Fairly standard early tree, fill along the way.


We grab some nodes in the ranger area and travel a bit further to the shadow. No real order of importance between Ranger nodes or Forces of Nature and Revenge of the Hunted. We grab the leech nodes of duelist as well.


Taking the whole shadow area.

Last tree is the one linked in main post, where we take claws nodes instead of duelist leech when we get the Lioneye's Fall. We start getting crit around this point too. We grab jewels slots as we get more of them, and smaller nodes, like life, flasks nodes and the like at later levels.

thx m8 im waiting on the Lioneye's jewel almost enough chaos saved to buy so will be doing that once I get it.
Hey, how are you doing the incursions? Im having problems with them with this build with a six link chin soil and a tabula keep getting 1 shot at lvl 80 (Overcap in res).

Hey, how are you doing the incursions? Im having problems with them with this build with a six link chin soil and a tabula keep getting 1 shot at lvl 80 (Overcap in res).

If there are chaos constructs, never stop moving. One attack, side step, attack, side step... etc. Never start an incursion by attacking, always moving.
Vaal Rain of Arrows is really good on those, so don't fear just using them even on blue packs.

The issue with the incursion blue packs is that they are fairly tanky. I find myself using more blast rain than rain of arrows in those situations. The fact that rain of arrow doesn't target monsters behind the door well, even when aiming "in the door", makes it even worse.

In short, movements and blast rain.
how are you procing adrenaline?

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