Tybbber's Boss Killing Service

Doing boss killing on Incursion Flashback Softcore. Prices are listed below, if a price isn't listed, it means i don't do that specific boss.

I am playing on EUROPEAN SERVERS, if you ask for a kill being on ANY other servers i don't refund in case of failure.

Shaper's Guardians : 5c
Shaper : 10c + 20c if sword or flask drops

Elder's Guardians : 5c
Yellow/Red Elder : 10c + 30c if wand drops
Uber Elder : 20c + 30c if jewel drops

Any map boss up to T15 is free.

MAPS MODS I CANNOT RUN : Reflect, Cannot Leech.

Below is my old Incursion boss killing OP.

This is mainly an effort to promote my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/tybbber

Before doing any of the boss/map, you need help for, switch to a EU gateway. Paris, London or Milan are the most desirable one. Otherwise I cannot guarantee the success of the kill.

In case of failure of a set (only if the gateway is EU) I'll refund the cost of the set/map.

Service is for all end game bosses except Chayula.

If you need more informations, feel free to ask below or in stream's chat.

IGN: @TybbberBowIsntThatSlow

Edit: My character is currently ungeared, i'll update as soon as i'll have another one ready. My apologies.
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Added Uber Atziri to the list of bosses.
Added Uber Elder.
Thank you for the Uber Elder kill.
Did my uber elder on stream, thank you.
Uber Elder on stream was a blast!
He did my uber elder on twitch stream 5 star man!!
He cleared a few more of my Uber Elders. Cool guy with a cool build.
Updated boss thread for Incursion Flashback Event. Still not doing normal incursion boss kill.
Helped me kill Elder + Guardians.

Fast and friendly service, recommended!
IGN: TaylorSwiftVEVO

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