Just another Arc trapper (UBER ELDER DEATHLESS). Facetank minotaur + crazy damage (millions of dps)

If you like stupidly OP builds, this might be for you

If you have any questions please read the FAQ before contacting me. I like to help out and answer questions if I can. But getting asked the same questions over and over again can be tedious

Indigon Poets Pen Hierophant with full MF Gear viability and UBER ELDER DEATHLESS down as well:

Outlook / Thoughts on Delve after the Trap & Shimmeron Nerf
Coming Up // currently working on a Scion Version

Kifit wrote:
Thanks nice build, easy kill Uber elder and all another content (GM, uber atziri,shaper and)
After my realy hard kill in Tukawana Vanguard Necro this Trapper like a easy walking in uber elder encounter

zozokaa wrote:
Hey, thanks for the build, managed to kill uber elder with it twice, one time on a 5l the second time on a 6l. "..."
ps: i dont have a +1 additional trap gloves yet

Dodjy wrote:
Thanks for the build Sequel. Just got my first ever Uber Elder kill.

Very happy :D

Nizah wrote:
Same as the post above, i just got my uber elder kill at level 89.
Thank you so much for de guide!

Uber Elder & Shaper in it's final form with 6! Power Charges (before the Delve Trap & Shimmeron Nerf)
NEW Shaper 1phasing NEW https://youtu.be/2Z5X3_5Kr1w
NEW Uber Elder NEW

Elder & Shaper
UBER ELDER (deathless) in 3min30sec: https://youtu.be/pYw398Q9POk
SHAPER P3: https://youtu.be/lWQc1WkY9vE

T16 Elder Guardians
ENSLAVER: https://youtu.be/bNMW3HnYghQ
ERADICATOR: https://youtu.be/8FKGWYobgd4

T16 Guardian full runs
MINOTAUR: https://youtu.be/Gt3hYy7BJYE
CHIMERA: https://youtu.be/w4yx4Dqnq1w

Disclaimer: This is my very first guide to a build so I'm probably going to forget a few things. However I wanted to share the joy this character has brought me. The damage is completely bonkers and the defensive layers astounding!

Defensive layers:
- 40% dodge (acro)
- 42% spelldodge (phase acro +12% spelldodge from boots)
- 30% evade (grace) - up to 38% with grace watcher's eye
- 80% all max res (loreweave)
- 15% chaos res
- 9% of phys dmg taken as cold
- 11% block chance
- 20% spell block chance (shimmerons)
- 4% reduced phys dmg taken (chaos golem)
- 20% life regen
- cwdt + ic + enfeeble
- 6k life at lvl 94
- Stun immunity vs. spells
- Vaal Grace
- Quartz Flask for another 10% dodge and spelldodge

Final thoughts and lookout:
- At first I used Phase Run in a cwdt setup. After more testing I have come to the conclusion that it's best self cast when needed the most (e.g. when no mobs are in sight).
- I have switched around the gem setup so that the auras are no longer socketed in the weapons. This allows me to use
in the weapon swap for instant full power charges at boss fights.
- The only thing left to do is get an uber lab enchant on my already fantastic helm! I'd be happy with grace or clarity reduced reservation or just any arc enchant. But that can take a while. A lightning spire duration, cooldown reduction or just damage might actually even be the best.
- I don't think I could improve this character any further. It feels so smooth and well rounded. I'll certainly keep playing it for a while, just because it is so much fun!

Watchers eye jewel testing
I have been testing around a lot with auras and different watchers eyes.
I tried playing without grace, but the movement speed and 30% evade it grants are just too good to drop. I wouldn't want to do without it.
Running Clarity with reduced cost of mana skills lets me drop the mana flask for mapping and use Atziris Promise instead. Huge damage boost AND the direly needed 35 chaos resistance.

- I can't really calculate trap dps. But I can tell you it's by far the best I've ever had. It's better than for example poet's pen vd (with fire pen watcher's eye).

- Kill all (endgame)
- Alira is a very nice alternative if you haven't capped your res

First Loreweave corrupt result:


current gear

Path of building:
standard incursion: https://pastebin.com/shMuWXBP
MoM version: https://pastebin.com/dBiWtxuX


NEW MoM tree for HCNEW

Tested it in SSF HC, first time I ever played HC. Got to lvl 85 in the first try, currently at lvl 83 and uber lab down. Of course no nice gear. In POB with my incursion gear I achieve 5.6k life and 2.4k mana.

Asendancy Order
Pyromaniac -> Perfect Crime -> Chain Reaction -> Born in the Shadows


Lightning Spire trap:

CWDT Setup 1(Golem+Auras):

CWDT Setup 2(Blood Rage+Enfeeble+Immortal Call):

Weapon 1(Phase Run setup):

Weapon 2(Bear Trap+Flame Dash):

- Minor: Soul of Ryslatha - it's a strong "oh shit button" if you ever get hit hard. Works very well in combination with Herbalism and the two life flasks I have equipped.
- Major: Soul of Arakaali - with the cwdt+blood rage+ic setup you benefit from the 50% life recovery rate almost all the time. Works very well in combination with the up to 20% life regeneration by saboteurs. By triggering blood rage first you start degen, then by triggering immortal call next you immediately stop the degen. Hence the 50% increased life recovery is active. Therefore it is of utmost importance that blood rage be triggered first.

- Increased critical strike chance if you haven't crit recently on boots is always active

Movement skill
Wait what?? No movement skill?
- You have flame dash for ledges
- Eeasily over 100% movement speed with 30% boots, 15% watcher's eye, 61% phase run, 30% quicksilver flask (136% for me currently with max movement speed stats)

Mapmods to avoid
The build can do EVERY map mod, even nasty combos. But there are a few mods that are just more annoying than others:
- No regen maps are just annoying, but easily doable. Drop clarity and use mana pots, if this doesn't bother you.
- Depending on your resists: elemental weakness
- I usually reroll temp chains, just boring. But easily doable.

Levelling section
ZiggyD made a very solid levelling guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRpIZJoxEz0&t=1s

Or in short:
Explosive trap: lvl 4 - lvl 12
lightning trap until you have a 4link item
arc trap: as soon as you have a 4link: trap+arc+multiple traps(later cluster traps)+trap damage
use lightning spire trap for bosses which stand still from 28 on
forgo crit nodes and power charges - not worth it until you get shimmerons
Go down the right side of the tree, pick up all the trap nodes, then get phase acro. After that pick Herbalism and start wandering to the left side of the skilltree.

Strong lvling gear:
this brings a crazy amount of damage to your traps. This alone can carry you to the endgame


bleed and freeze remove + maximum recovered amount for "oh-shit" button. quartz is very good for those pesky chaos spitters. the mana flasks lets you spam traps for an extended period of time (14.9 sec). movement flask...

If you prefer a more offensive flask setup then atziri's promise and wise oak or even a diamond flask are viable alternatives. However you REALLY don't need more damage! Just try it out and choose whatever feels best for you.

budget suggestions/item priorisation
You don't really need a 6link to kill uber elder. Just a 4link loreweave for lightning spire trap will do. As long as you get gloves with "skills which throw traps throw up to 1 additional trap" mod. they always have "socketed gems are supported by lvl ## trap" as well. So you can use those for a 5link arc - in which case you would drop the "trap support" gem (obivously) and "trap and mine damage support". Loreweave comes directly after. I can't state how good it is for this build! Several people have killed uber elder without shimmerons, so a good trap mainhand + shield with crit life and res isn't only a viable alternative, getting some extra res from the shield makes gearing much easier. Forget helmet enchants, they don't do much. But if you really want to minmax, who can say no to MOAR DMG? Movement speed on the watcher's eye is very nice, but if you're on a budget, I'd prefer mana cost reduction or more mana recovery from clarity.

Since I'm getting a lot of whispers, PMs and replies on the thread I'll try to summarize the questions which are most frequently asked.
How do you generate Power and Frenzy Charges?

- Power Charges: Blast Cascade node in the tree (+Jaws of agony in the weapon swap)
- Frenzy Charges: Master Sapper node in the tree
Why choose loreweave over tinkerskin?

1. Traps triggered by chain reaction don't count towards the tinkerskin regen -> you regen much much less than you think you do.
2. 80% max res isn't only fantastic by itself, it lets you ignore all -max resists mods on maps. Also it scales well in combination with phys damage taken as ele dmg in helmet.
3. life, mana, elemental damage and crit chance vs a bit of life from tinkerskin?
Tinkerskin doesn't even come close to loreweave!
What item should I get first?

1. Get a pair of gloves with "skills which throw traps throw up to an additional trap". Easy 25% more damage! Can't beat that with any other piece of gear.
2. Loreweave is fantastic. You don't need a 6link or even a 5link. With the gloves you already have a 5link.
Could I use other support links?

- Of course! Viable alternatives are: increased critical damage, increased critital strikes, controlled destruction (don't use elemental focus). I considered using increased critical damage instead of trap and mine damage support. But I really don't want to bother recoloring my loreweave.
How can it be that the boots enchant is always active?

Trap skills don't count as hit or crit for yourself, so the buff only falls off if you happen to critically hit an enemy with flame dash (and therefore trigger shimmeron degen).
Could I use +lighting dmg enchant on boots?

Yes, of course. It's not much behind damage wise, but the 120% critical strike chance goes a long way to sustain regular critical hits. I much prefer this. However if you are as annoyed by running labs like me, you may as well settle with added lightning damage.
Why not take MoM?

- You already are points starved
- You would need some more regen and mana on gear, missing out on other stats
- Trappers are already mana starved. Getting hit and not being able to dmg slows down the build
- You don't need it. The defensive layers are sufficient already
- I dislike MoM for anything except maybe Hierophants
However you might want to get MoM if you are playing HC.
Why not use lightning spire trap in 6link and keep arc in gloves for 5link?

With only a 5link loreweave you should put arc in gloves and have lightning spire trap as a 5link
- If you want to play an absolute bosskiller with the highest possible peak dps you should put lightning spire trap in the 6link, get a lightning spire trap enchantment and use cdr on belt, maybe even on boots. That would be the strongest possible solution. HOWEVER that is very difficult to set up gearwise. Second downside is bosses which move. Lightning spire trap is only ever worth it if the boss stands still. By now I got the uber elder fight down so I time the lightning spire traps right by casting them whenever shaper does his beam thingy. Otherwise he just teleports away and poof goes your damage and lightning spire is on cooldown...
I specifically chose arc as a 6link as this gave me more leeway for personal errors, lags and bad luck. Missing a lightning spire trap just isnt a big deal this way. Your damage is continuously very strong without any dps spike drops. But with perfect play and item setup lightning spire simply destroys bosses, no question about it. And clearspeed does NOT suffer if your Arc is on a 5link.
I see many poeple (get it? haha) not using cwdt + blood rage + ic

- For heavens sake, read the guide. This setup is explained under "Pantheon". I cannot stress how good this setup is. Yet most people who have asked me for advice have just brushed over this section.

tested gear for sale
currently none available (sold out)

- added tree
- short levelling section added
- added gem links
- added flask section
- added "budget/item priorisation" variant section
- fixed path of building
- new boots
- updated gem links
- added video of deathless uber elder
- added watchers eye considerations
- added final thoughts
- added FAQ section
- extended lvling section by a few details
- dropped some redundant information over all the guide
- added MoM tree (for hc)

update gear section and pob with final gear
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added poeplanner tree, i use linux...
Hi Thanks for the Guide,

is CI version also possible?
crazycrash wrote:
Hi Thanks for the Guide,

is CI version also possible?

CI version would certainly be possible too. But I haven't made a tree for it. The downside woud be no Lorewave. But chaos damage immunity obviously is very strong
when's the leveling part up?
seems intersting i wanna try
gingermanx wrote:
when's the leveling part up?
seems intersting i wanna try

ZiggyD has a good trapper levelling guide:

Or in short:
Explosive trap: lvl 4 - lvl 12
arc trap: as soon as you have a 4link: trap+arc+multiple traps(later cluster traps)+trap damage
use lightning spire trap for bosses which stand still from 28 on
forgo crit nodes and power charges - not worth it until you get shimmerons
What do you think about tinkerskin? Will it work with ur setup? Also why do u have so much chaos resistances?

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