Red Elder not giving Memory Fragment

Same problem
All Guardians on red maps.Shaper survived.14 pages.No memory fragment.I am extremely disappointed.
Killed my first red map Elder today, but no fragment memory drop...why? Please fix this.

Ps: is it possible that the bus is connected to culling strike?
This didn't get fix? I just killed the Elder on an elder influenced map and didn't get the last fragment, I killed all the elder guardians before it as well.

After some testing, there's a few conditions that need to be met that aren't communicated well.

In order to get Memory Fragment XV (15) from Red Elder, the map CANNOT be a Shaped map, it has to be a Red map originally. Shaper must also survive the fight, you will know he survived when Zana appears at the end of the fight. If Zana doesn't appear, then Shaper did not survive during the fight.

In order to get Memory Fragment XIII (13) which is from a Elder-Influence T15 map, this map is allowed to be Shaped.

There will be times when a Shaped map says that the map boss has a Shaper's Memory Fragment, this CAN be incorrect if Elder or a Guardian is in the map, but there's also exceptions to this as well:
- If Elder spawns on a Red map (base map must be Red, not a Shaped map)

For example, let's say you have 13/15 Memory Fragments and you required the following Memory Fragments:
- Kill Elder on a Red map
- Complete a T15 Elder-Influenced map,
If Elder spawns on Estuary (T9) and a Guardian on Shipyard (T10) and you Shape both of those maps then you have this case:
- Elder is on a T14 Shaped map
- Guardian is on a T15 Shaped map
Despite the 2 missing Fragments you need are "Kill Elder on a Red map" and "Complete a T15 Elder-Influenced map", you will get neither of these even if the map says "Map Boss has a Shaper's Memory Fragment".

I hope this clears up a few things. We hope to communicate this better in the future.
pls i have the sme problem i did 5th time this is getting frustrating i need that elder orb to start farm properly.
I killed eleder in 13-14-15 and 2 times other in shaped maps.
This is a bug for me and it's bloccking my progression in the Athlas i need so bad HELP
So basicly if you are tanky but have low dps then you are struck here, even though you can facetank elder or shaper but cant defend the shaper against the massive tentackle horde, then you can't complete the story, can't complete achievements. Pity.
Same problem here, no way to get that last memory fragment.

+ for some reasons my book of memories is not working, can't click on it -___- .

Any clue???
Problem still exists...

killed all guardians on red maps, got the Fragment, go for Elder on red map...Shaper survived and i dont get the Fragment -.-

Holy Goth, GGG really dont fix this, since so much time ago this Bug appears???

GGG do something finaly !!!!

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