Red Elder not giving Memory Fragment

So, there's a little bit of misinformation on our part with regards to how a Memory Fragment is dropped in the Elder fight. The Shaper must survive the fight. So, in other words, you must defend him successfully in the portal phase of the fight, otherwise a Memory Fragment will not drop.

We've done some testing internally to make sure that a Memory Fragment always drops as intended and everything is working as expected.

I have updated the 3.3.0 patch notes to clarify the fact that Shaper must survive as well. We will clarify this information in-game at a later time as well.

Sorry for any confusion here. Hopefully this clears things up a bit.
After some testing, there's a few conditions that need to be met that aren't communicated well.

In order to get Memory Fragment XV (15) from Red Elder, the map CANNOT be a Shaped map, it has to be a Red map originally. Shaper must also survive the fight, you will know he survived when Zana appears at the end of the fight. If Zana doesn't appear, then Shaper did not survive during the fight.

In order to get Memory Fragment XIII (13) which is from a Elder-Influence T15 map, this map is allowed to be Shaped.

There will be times when a Shaped map says that the map boss has a Shaper's Memory Fragment, this CAN be incorrect if Elder or a Guardian is in the map, but there's also exceptions to this as well:
- If Elder spawns on a Red map (base map must be Red, not a Shaped map)

For example, let's say you have 13/15 Memory Fragments and you required the following Memory Fragments:
- Kill Elder on a Red map
- Complete a T15 Elder-Influenced map,
If Elder spawns on Estuary (T9) and a Guardian on Shipyard (T10) and you Shape both of those maps then you have this case:
- Elder is on a T14 Shaped map
- Guardian is on a T15 Shaped map
Despite the 2 missing Fragments you need are "Kill Elder on a Red map" and "Complete a T15 Elder-Influenced map", you will get neither of these even if the map says "Map Boss has a Shaper's Memory Fragment".

I hope this clears up a few things. We hope to communicate this better in the future.
To anyone who's having the issue of Red Elder not dropping their 15th Memory Fragment, could you please post some more information which includes (but isn't limited to):
- Image of the fight after you kill Elder
- What map you ran vs what map is on the Atlas (Unshaped/Shaped/Elder)
- Zana mods used
BlackliteUK wrote:

I've just grinded my way up to the Elder fight to have no shaper fragment drop either!

This is really disappointing. Do i have to go through the whole process again now?

Image :

Map : Crimson Temple

Mods : None

In your case it seems like Shaper didn't survive. If Shaper survives then you will see Zana in the arena in the end as well. Loot will also be in the centre of the arena due to where Elder is bound during its Unstable phase.

NeiLarado wrote:

Spawn was on Estuary (regular map, no zana mods). This is getting extremely frustrating as this is the 3rd time I've killed him and no fragment. Cant remember where he spawned on the other attempts but I finally realized this was 100% a bug.

Edit: I picked up the elder loot (ranger bow unique and assassin mitts rare)

Your quest says "Defeat the Elder in a Red Map", Estuary is T10 (Yellow map).
XArkiyuX wrote:
I am having the same problem with the last step of this quest.

1st attempt (Siege, no mods):
- Killed all guardians on red maps before killing Elder on Siege (red) map
- He dropt the fragment but I died shortly after. Got this message upon trying to re-enter the elder arena. "Cannot connect to instance. That subarea no longer exists."

In a nutshell, I killed him correctly, he dropped the fragment, but I wasn't able to re-enter because of this error. I was pretty pi**** as I took a lot of time and currency and now there's no elder-area on my atlas at all.

2nd attempt (Reef, no mods):
- Played lots of red-tier maps to respawn the elder-area
- Played even more maps to spawn red tier elder again
- Killed all guardians before going to the Elder again.
- Killed the Elder, Shaper survived. No fragment.

I have contacted the tech support. I hope they can transfer me the fragment or at least, reset my quest progress. Feels like the game thinks I had the fragment already.

Looks like no POE for me this season.

In the first image (, a fix should have been deployed as of 3.6.3b.

In the 2nd image ( Shaper didn't survive.
tyreen wrote:
i got the same problem.
Killed elder on precint map (T12), shaper survived but i got no memory fragment.
I ran no mods on the map.

If you can, could you please post an image of the arena after killing Elder and what your quest state is?
To anyone who experiences issues with this fight, please post an image of your Quest State and the arena after the fight with Map Overlay on (default key Tab).

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