[3.3] Incinerate Inquisitor - T15 Elder Down. Video Up

Here, take this:

Oh my god. Ur my favorite.
Kraiwen wrote:

I like Duo cursing to feel tankier, and self cast flammability for more damage with arcane surge

OK, this is a bit confusing now - you selfcast Flammability but have both Enfeeble and WMark on same CWDT without Doedre's or corrupt +1 curse mods? How does that work? They just exchange at random or?
Any thoughts on Pantheon? None of the gods appears to have great synergy with the build, IMHO...
For minor gods Gruthkul seems like a solid choice, but all major gods seem to have some perks save for Solaris which is too situational.

Been playing a build similar to this one on SSF, Balefire scepter OP with life and mana regen on kill, absolutely crushing stuff up to t11-t12 so far.
Here's my version of incinerate below. Really enjoying it so far :) 1.1m dps at max stage with orbs of storms + ele weakness. 900k without ele weakness.



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Ok, some conclusions. This build is awesome. I guess with enough play skill it can beat all content.

1) The character is lvl 90, I did several corrupted red maps with no problems.

2) Did normal Atziri with 2 deaths. But that was my first Atziri kill ever (and first try on this character and second try overall).

3) Uber lab is rather easy with regen this build has. You cannot completely AFK on traps, but still there's a big room for mistakes - big enough for a lamer like me to make 6 keys runs.

4) Dance of the Offered boots are outstanding for this build. Onslaught buff makes it sooo much smoother with IAS and MoveSpeed for Shield Charge. I think Omeyocan (upgraded version) would be BiS since according to PoB we can outregen the % mana loss with right gear.

5) NoRegen and Reflect maps are bad. Although I did some red maps with reflect, it is pain in the ass.

6) Sulphur Flask is a must to create Consecrated Ground on demand.
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