[3.3] Incinerate Inquisitor - T15 Elder Down. Video Up

@Kraiwen: I see that you updated your original post. I think that CwC is a waste because of the investment in cast speed. Scorching Ray would be better with CwC.

But since your are certainly around 10 casts per second, I would rather scale Incinerate rather than adding a setup with CwC. Add Inc AoE if you want more coverage.

Even if Conc, Fire Pen or Controlled Destruction don't scale the burning damage part, I would use those over CwC.
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Scorching Ray would be better with CwC.

Scorching Ray doesn't work with Immolate. Firestorm would benefit from the added fire damage, Scorching Ray wouldn't. Also at that point I'd rather run elemental equilibrium. The point of Incinerate is to deal tons of damage, firestorm fixes the bad AoE and clear.

Also even with my current cast speed ,I'm casting fire storm faster than if I were to self cast it (bar spell echo)

I'm only looking for a certain amount of cast speed. CWC procs every 0.35/0.36 seconds with a level 20/19 CWC gem.

With my current cast speed I have a 0.9 cast on Incinerate, meaning I'm hitting 4 stages every fire storm, which feels really nice.
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Can you please help with leveling passive priorities? Like, should I head up to Heart of Flame first while taking MoM or go down arsonist and get all the life nodes around there? Also, which ascendant points should I take first?

updated main post. Head to the top first, then to the bottom.
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Loreweave VS Carcass Jack, which one is better ??
zmfptlwutm wrote:
Loreweave VS Carcass Jack, which one is better ??

You have multiple characters in the 90s, pretty sure you should be able to figure it out....

This build uses Immolate to add damage to many hits via Incinerate + Firestorm. Firestorm is used to get better area coverage. With only a 5-L either drop a damage support or drop the CwC mechanic to use Increased Area of Effect.

Loreweave offers massive defense and guaranteed 6socket plus a bit of damage and rarity.

Carcass Jack offers AoE and damage

Which do you think this build would prefer? More importantly, which would you prefer?
Im lovin this build. I wish the incinerate secondary wave would stay locked onto your character and move with you, rather than where it was cast from though. Would make the spell really mesh with shield charge.
I am currenly in act 7 of Incursion SSF Softcore with this build.

The damage is insane - to the point where bosses' phase animations take more time than actual damage.
Clear is also more than ok. I am usually able to 100% clear Incursions.

In fact, damage is so good that I am thinking about swaping Herald of Ash for Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark for convenience (untill I'd get an ring with Warlord's Mark Curse on Hit Elder mode).

My crappy gear for reference

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Your build looks interesting, but why do you play with 3 curses when you just can apply 1?

I dont see any +1 curse item or points in Whispers of Doom. Enfeeble gets overwritten by Warlords Mark all the time. An extra casted Flammability would overwrite Warlord Mark.

I guess you are hoping for a Warlord Mark ring and a +1 curse item to save the extra points and the mana reservation. Warlord Mark with CwDT doesent feel that great and Flammability not seem to be needed.
I use cdwt enfeebleband warlords mark because I enjoy not casting flammability on packs. Its just free damage reduction most of the time.

I have it setup so if I cast flammability it overwrites my enfeeble.
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