[3.3] Incinerate Inquisitor - T15 Elder Down. Video Up

Deadarth wrote:
Lyneas wrote:
Kraiwen wrote:

"why incinerate broken"]For 4 casts, 0.8 seconds of casting you get.

161.5+202+243+283 = 889.5 damage for 0.8 seconds. PLUS the wave that deals 500% damage of the last hit, so an extra 283*6 = 1698 damage for a total of 2587.5 damage

That's for 4 casts.

Meanwhile, you deal a damage effectiveness of 0.3+0.375+0.45+0.525

for a total of 1.65 damage effectiveness for 4 casts (0.8 secnods) AND THEN you get a wave that deals (0.525*6) for a bonus 3.15 damage effectiveness.

4.80 damage effectiveness for 0.8 seconds of casting LMAO
This is with 0% increased cast speed.

Why are u assuming that u get 2 stages per cast?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly but if you think he gets 2 stage per cast because he talked about the fire wave thing. You get the wave no matter what after releasing your cast be it at stage 1 or 8. The way it works is Xstage*5 damage so releasing the wave at stage 4 if you have to is fine but stage 8 wave will always be stronger.

Sorry if I didn't get what you meant.

Oh yeah, thanks!

Somehow i always mistook "final wave" for "release at final stage-wave" :D

Do you know what he means with "xoph sceptre with attack speed" aswell?
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a mod that increases fire damage in scepters
https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Modifier:FireDamagePrefixOnWeapon8~ This
Post your PoB.
planning to start with witch incenerate, curious to c what u do
What do you think guys? link
Made some adjustments for my own use in Incursion, got a small boost in dps.

Well done though, 8/10

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How can you put combustion and elemental focus into one link? Ele focus prevent from any ignite, co combustion will not work.
I don't get it either. Is this supposed to be Ignite based or not?
Thank you !!

this is good build for me !

There is one question.

How does Leech of Life and Mana solve it?

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