[3.3] Cleverist's Champion Sunderer - League Starter to Uber Elder - 3+mil Shaper DPS - Super Fast

You can definitely level 2H but I level dual wield. I'm at work but I'll check the builds later, any 2H nodes is by accident lol.

I slot a princess in my offhand as soon as I can and use that until I can slot prisnatic eclipse, that's when all the fun starts.
Fixed the error in the lvl 80 build. The other builds didn't have any 2H nodes in the end. Thanks for spotting it.
Added my current Incursion build at level 49.

Slightly different than the guide version due to my choice of using Brightbeak as soon as I could.

Keen to hear how others are going with this build leveling.
Lvl 73 atm
Using Brightbeak and The Princess for weapons. Man these two going too well together. Aiming to beat Uber Lab asap then try to invest on new weapons. My finger hurt like hell.
If you hold down your leap attack as soon as you press Sunder you will stop jumping and attack. As soon as you release Sunder you will start leaping again. I use this trick for map clearing.

Might save your finger lol.

Try and get a prismatic eclipse, they are only 1C. Makes a huge difference.
3R or 3G?
Replacing The Princess or Brightbeak?

All about that attack speed.


Swap out Brightbeak for a high pdps/high attack speed weapon.
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My updated gear

I'll hit Uber Lab soon.
If im playing SSF should I prioritize Worthy Foe over First to Strike,Last to fall to spec out of RT sooner?
Yes, it will make it easier to find gear since you don't need to worry about accuracy rolls.

I'm actually doing it that way anyway this time around.

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