[3.3] Cleverist's Champion Sunderer - League Starter to Uber Elder - 3+mil Shaper DPS - Super Fast

Thanks guys. If you want me to add anything in particular to the guide let me know.

What do you think of this?
Yeah. I'll add the equivalent for my build. It will be very similar.
Added 3 more videos demonstrating clear speed using Brightbeak and also an Uber Elder kill.
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Thanks for the guide, Cleverist. Do you have any insight on axe versus mace? Do you see one being better than the other? Why or why not?
I haven't played around with axes too much actually but there is only one cluster of nodes that I take which are mace specific. It would be very easy to grab the axe nodes immediately adjacent instead. In general I believe axes can yield a bit higher dps but a high end mace is likely a bit cheaper. There are some good unique axes you could use before getting a good rare mace/axe.

Also, if you wanted to get more axe specific nodes you can change the pathing to pick up Hatchet Master or Splitting Strikes nodes.

Early on it will largely be dependent on what weapon you can get access to easily.

I tried playing around with the passive tree and fudged a Jack the Axe to have similar DPS to my 1h-mace to compare. The closest I could come up with a lvl 94 character is as per below. Note that I removed the +crit on my mace to compare.


Overall the DPS was pretty much the same but a reduction in total life. It did gain bleed damage though. You may be able to get a better build with some more effort, I only played around for 10 minutes.
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Thinking about trying this out for 3.3 league start. This will be my first attempt at sunder but have played just about every other skill this game has to offer.

Is there any way you could take the time to make a more detailed leveling guide for this with cheap uniques you can use as you level as well as alternative items to use until you can afford the end game gear?

I'm planning on fattening out the leveling section of the guide but I might not have time between now and 3.3 launch. If not I'll have it up dated a few days in.
I've added some good leveling uniques in the "Leveling" section.

Aside from those items you can get by using any rare items you find. Once you hit Act 5, start trying to keep your resistances up and fill out your life. Keep upgrading your weapon every 10 levels to maintain a good clear speed while leveling.
Will be trying this for 3.3 looks good! For Lvling we just do two handed maces hence the two handed nodes up till the lvl 80 build? Otherwise if we go Mace/Prismatic earlier switch to the regular build? Or at what Ascendancy do we switch.

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