[3.3] Cleverist's Champion Sunderer - League Starter to Uber Elder - 3+mil Shaper DPS - Super Fast

having fun with this build so far just working on uberlab and atlas for now :>
Cleverist wrote:
Yes, it will make it easier to find gear since you don't need to worry about accuracy rolls.

I'm actually doing it that way anyway this time around.

Awesome thank you, Will respec once i do Merc :D
Work wifi went all screwy sorry
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Updated: Uber Izaro down, tough fight MonkaS
Added my current build and gear at level 79.
Cleverist wrote:
Added my current build and gear at level 79.

Thanks for the update, doing well so far. Got super lucky this morning and got Flesh of the Beast Prophecy at lvl 55, will see how lucky i am with the fusings.

Need a better weapon soon, but grinding Incursions is so much fun that i actually progress a lot slower than i should.
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Nice one. My current weapon cost 30c a day or two ago on Incursion standard. The attack speed is what makes it attractive to me over something with higher dps for the same cost but is slower.
So far so good. 1st time sunder here.

I like it! Its really fast. Level 89 atm.

Clearing T10-14, but having some difficulty with Incursion T12+.

Here's my gear so far (i know my amulet and rings sucks!)

Got a nice corruption on Eclipse ^^ and found that mace (350 pdps and extra dmg as chaos), very lucky! 6 linked my belly with about 100 fusings. Good start so far.

Thanks for the build!

Edit :
Gear upgrade

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Geez your gear is way better than mine so far lol. Maybe you can give me tips on jow to get the currency so fast.

What are you struggling with in particular? Maybe I can help. With that gear you should be able to smash all of the content.

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