[3.3] Cleverist's Champion Sunderer - League Starter to Uber Elder - 3+mil Shaper DPS - Super Fast

yo is this good gear?

241k dps tooltip on sunder with auras and golem. anything i can upgrade?
Gear looks really good but I think you know that.

In order of preference in my opinion. A lot will depend on what bargains you can find.

1. Get a corrupted Prismatic Eclipse with 4% block, or culling strike, or a good dual corrupt mod from the temple. Mine has increased area damage and 10% chance to gain onslaught on kill.

2. Gloves with a higher IAS, flat physical and/or more Life.

3. Ring with higher flat phys and/or Life.

4. Stygian Vise with high life and resists. This will give you an extra jewel slot which you can put in one with Life, flat phys, IAS and/or chance to blind on hit.

5. Moar deeeps on your weapon.
For your info IIIIIIIII, I stop using the golem because it dies so often. Instead I use arctic armour and hatred most of the time.
but if i use arctic armour and hatred i cant use herald of ash. Meaning i lose a good chunk of dmg? How is that worth
Yeah I drop herald of ash as well. The added dps isn't necessary once you get to your level of gear unless you want it for shaper. I find the added survivability from arctic armour more useful.

While mapping I don't use frenzy which frees up a slot for arctic armour too. I normally have vitality slotted instead of herald of ash and just rotate auras depending on what I'm doing.

Normal mapping is Haste and Arctic Armour.
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could you please let me know why you are getting aura after using Righteous Fire? I probably missing something. In my case i am losing HP and thats all. Thanks in advance :)
Hi, while farming a good rare mace, can i use jack the axe and change the skill tree note from mace to axe, or i use the Callinellus Malleus mace until i find a good rare mace, sorry for my bad english.

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