Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Sarno wrote:
I liked Bestiary, but I’m glad to hear this. It was a very significant change and I’m not sure it fits an ARPG well enough to stick around. I’m very glad to see you trying new things, though - please don’t stop doing that. It’s why I love challenge leagues.

50% my thoughts.

I hated bestiary league. While the idea was pretty cool, it didnt fit the game at all imo.

I'm VERY glad you try new things and keep improving the game, its what motivates me to buy new cool stuff, but I am extatic you decided to scrap this content for now. If it stayed I honestly might have quit the game altogether, it definately made me quit the league WAY earlier than I planned and I couldnt even stay motivated to get past 14 challenges.
Im very sad for this news.

Thank God.
I didn`t mind the concept.

But when you cast a too low level net because you forget to change nets.

Or a Red beast whit so much life that my 4linked skill does zero damage to it. Made me just skip the monsters.
Very happy to hear this! It was fun while it lasted, but it was a tiny bit clunky at times and would have mitigated my enjoyment of the game in the long term.

However it would have been nice to keep the monster mods which made them very powerful and fun to fight against!
I'm very sad to hear this. I like the Bestiary league, please don't give up on it entirely.

Memes are rampant on the internet, that goes without saying. It became a meme to hate on this league for some stupid reason. Rocky starts are fine when you address and fix it, which you did.

Why not allow it in a way that's avoidable if you don't want to fully engage. No one HAS to do Vaal side areas, no one HAS to do all Master missions, no one HAS to chase and kill tormenteds, etc; but if you do you get rewarded.

I like what it added to the game. Great but not game-breaking crafting. Scary encounters.

I'm glad GGG listens, but but this time it feels like too many new players hated on Bestiary 'cause it was cool to do it. Please don't give in to internet memes and please be proud of what you created here, it's great content.

I am happy with this decision.
Fontainzx wrote:
if it went core, i probably wouldve never played this game again. thank god

Good call, this mechanic was just too bloated, confusing, and buggy.
I do hope you can repurpose some of the stuff in it for other leagues.
Yes, yes, yes! I'm glad to hear that it is going to be a core game mechanic. Thanks GGG!
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