Skill Revamps - Part 4

Please make a Vaal Summon Zombie that summons a Giant Abomination!
That'd be awesome!
Holy sh!t, Vaal Reave incoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Vaal Dual Strike ;3 I mean hell, one of the unholy-trinity uses Dual Strike, so why not!
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Vaal Skills were always intended to be super-skills that can be used at pivotal moments for a big burst of power


META/Pro players will scoff at their 20Q/lvl21 Bla Bla, but for us casuals, this is awesome!
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I haven't been this hyped about PoE since Ascendancy
Yo Dawg, heard you liked doubles, so we doubled your double strike so you can double double while doubling.
Vaal Skills were always intended to be super-skills

so why did u killed it? :D
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Best announcement since a long time, really cool stuff :).
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These are absolutely fantastic changes that take an entire set of skills out of the gutter.

3.3 is shaping to be one of the best balance revamps in years.
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