Skill Revamps - Part 4

"Regular Arc now deal more damage for each remaining chain, making the first few hits more powerful, great for targeting tough foes."

WOHOO! Thank you Bex! Finally!

"any of the above changes might not make it into 3.3.0, as our balance and bug testing continues."

I still hope for the best. :3
I just realized that with this change to double strike, my slayer will be capable of at least one million sustained dps per second.

Right now fully buffed with double strike I deal 300,000 dps. Currently VAAL double strike doesn't work with multistrike, so my clones will probably only deal 150,000 per second.

Right now double strike has 3 uses and makes one clone.

If the uses are doubled, that means there will be six uses.

If I'm making 2 clones per use, I can make 12 clones since the amount of clones being made are unlimited. They each last 11 seconds.

12x150,000 + 300,000 = 2,100,000

I am nerd gasming right now.

I am like goku flicker striking around, then I'm like YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD. SHADOW JUTSU

How will these work for lvl 21gems?
Since Vaal Skills can`t be vaaled again, some skills get 1 extra proj/chain/aoe/whatever at lvl 21.

Also, for example if I have a lvl 20 Vaal Spark in a +2 lvl to Vaal Skills, will it also apply to the normal spark? or just the Vaal Version? Since they are the same gem and all

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