Skill Revamps - Part 4

How about a bigger skill bar with more hotkeys?
Please allow triggers to cast the normal version of skills when a vaal skill is socketed
"Vaal Skill Gems now grant the regular and the Vaal version of the skill. This is to remove the socket pressure that Vaal skills suffered from, so you no longer have to give up an Aura, Herald, Triggered Skill or a well-linked secondary skill, and you can justify using a Vaal gem in your best set of linked sockets."

This is a VERY good change.
Would you ever be so inclined to make a unique that would grant no cd restriction on soul acquisition for killing normal mobs only, or unique/rares only?
Will there be a way to hotkey each version of the vaal skill on your action bar? Just thinking of vaal cyclone for example.

Sorry if this was asked already.
Aside of the gem skill revamp, I would like to remind You that skills like Icestorm went totally junk after 3.x, so better check them as well.
Just one very disappointed PoE fan.
CI casters made PoE to the top, and GGG decided to kill them.
Best decision ever ( if you are retarded or something ) !
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How about optimizing game :/ i can play wow in 25man raid and my perfomance isnt moving at all,tryin to enter poe - got dced 3 times untill i get in to game,want to get in HO another 3 attemps,how to play this,more and more skills come out and nothing is done for this issues.
That vaal lighning strike looks nice!
"We decided to double it... Then double it... AGAIN!"
finally clone/illusion build Kreygasm

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