[3.10] Tesla Cyclone | Destroy the Game | All Content | Super Fast! | Spin 2 Win | Updated

I've skimmed thru the links and decided that I'm blind.

I'd love to run an autobomber version of this.

Would someone be so kind as to point me at the right link for an autobomber version?
Vashseden wrote:
So, I just saw all the new changes coming to cyclone and they look AMAZING. Over the next 2 weeks, I will be looking through my guide and making updates.

I have been waiting for this type of cyclone for a long time and I feel that the quality of life of this build is going to go way up next league!

Perfect! I love this build so it is decided what my Legion league starter will be :)
Definitely going to start this in the new league, while putting my own spin on it (pun definitely intended).

Interested to see if any of the new blood/sand stance auras will make it into the build, I will probably try to incorporate it if I can, I just like using fresh mechanics when they come out.
No changes to Scion in 3.7 :/
it seems that slayer will be stronger in legion
Slayer receiving strong update and scion none: Is Scion still a viable option for Cyclon or the gap is now too big between those 2?

The build looks fun enough to pick it if they are on par or even slightly weaker, but Legion's mechanic seems to be clearly targeting "min/max" mindset so here I am double guessing my build's choice for this league ;(
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Seeing the changes for melee, I definitely wanna spin to win and this will be my only character in Legion due to time constraints.

I've always loved cyclone builds and my goal is to push endgame with this build over the course of the league.

Question: are we really just farming Act 9 for currency and to afford Thief's torment pretty much? I know its a preference to push content instead, but curious if this is the more common, recommended approach as I have historically just pushed content.

Otherwise, this is a nice comprehensive guide and I'm so looking forward to jumping in!
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Im really looking forward for a 3.7 version of this, ill surely use this as my build to go to start Legion
Pick slayer for survivability, zerker for flat out more deeps in legion. Poor gal scion got no love in 3.7, damn heresy.

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