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DawCzer wrote:
someone who kill shaper/uber elder on synthesis can post his tree and gear? i have some issues with getting good damage

I killed uber elder with cyclone last league but the build doesn't resemble this one any more. Sinfuly_Mine is the character with all the gear and tree. Its expensive tho.

Some suggestions for damage:
1) Get a Lion's Roar granite flask = 20-25% MORE damage huge damage increase here.
2) Your tree is inefficient and grabbing mana nodes. Dump the 4 point jewel node at the scion start and get some of the 2 point jewel nodes. You have overkill on life leech and mana leech as well. I would change my tree to something like THIS. No Vaal pact but with the latest leech changes and the 5 point cost, it seems too steep (max up time i think around 2 seconds).
3) Get a elder chest piece with life and attacks have +% to critical (this is a multiplier really ups your crit chance which is really low on your current tree). Can be crafted with pristine + serrated fossils.
4) Corrupted Shaper's touch gloves with the attacks have +% to crit are cheap and grant loads more damage than any lab enchant.

See if that helps at all.
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I like "Tesla Cyclone Bild". Very cheap build, but all the bosses die in seconds. The first trip to the minotaur with this build: https://youtu.be/Akav_kO7DIU
I can't even kill guardians on this build and I know the mechanics so idk what the deal is with this build but it is 100% not working like it's supposed to.
I have a bunch more damage in my POB than the POB that I'm following of the creators and still don't do nearly as much damage.
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Let's wait for Tesla to answer gg
So is it still viable in synth ? i mean Uelder etc ? and wha build i should stick to kill it ?
I'm loving this build right now, decided to run it for the synth flashback event and farming is pretty easy. I even got some nice corrupts on my gloves and boots to push the build even further!
So, I just saw all the new changes coming to cyclone and they look AMAZING. Over the next 2 weeks, I will be looking through my guide and making updates.

I have been waiting for this type of cyclone for a long time and I feel that the quality of life of this build is going to go way up next league!

Cyclone was always one of my fdavorite skills. And now i can finally start again with one of these wonderful scion cyclone builds ! Im SUPER excited!!
Oh boy.

We have incoming.
Excited to see updates within the next couple weeks. This will most def be my legion league starter.

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