[3.4] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

negue2 wrote:
I'm glad you like the build.

Other notes on serge91s char:
try to fit delirium essence gloves and use either inc area or conc on RF instead of efficacy.

The build is not the strongest damagewise but its enough to do most bosses.
It just may take a little longer.

Yeah i was thinking about the same. After all, i need to use Alpha as primary helm in order to run all purities, so i wont look for a good shaper helm.

What i was wondering is this. Is it better to buy those gloves, or looking for a 6l Coil? I dont think i have the currency to buy all... also i think ill need to buy AT LEAST 2 purities lv21, which are pretty costful this league.
I think i bought my Watcher's like 60c, which i think it's a great price even though the purity of elements is somewhat a burden. One day i'll replace it with a better jewel.

Right now i'm just focused on reaching the dps and defence needed to farm easily the red elder, so maybe i can drop myself one.

negue2 wrote:

On purity of elements:
Getting a 4th aura into the build takes too much resources and skipping ToH for it defeats the purpose. If you cant get a 2 stat eye for the right purities stick to 1 stat. The reason is 1 stat with ToH gives 70% phys hit conversion where 2 stat without ToH only gives 50%.

I know this. I am saying that i'm studying a way to run all 4 purities. I think i'll manage to do it with enlighten 4, Alpha's and Conqueror's efficiency. Or maybe i can get the aura nodes near ranger for this.
I know i am wasting a jewel and the chance to use a better helmet (or passive points) but... i'll manage this way to convert like 80% of phys damage, which is fuckin great.
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First get the gloves. Essence of Delirium is around 11c and most rolls are usable with a master life craft.

Level 21 Purity of Fire is great since Rf does dmg all the time. Cold and lightning increase the res from 97 to 99 which is a 66% reduction of damage, but you already take barely any damage from this sources so its not that important.

Lvl 4 Enlighten is 5ex and Alphas eats 60+ Life from your gear. I really recommend not running purity of elements.
Hey great build has been a lot of fun so far.

However, I have a couple of questions. It seems like chaos damage is really kicking my butt. Im doing really well against massive hits like uber izaro but little tiny packs that spit chaos damage really kick my ass. Will getting that fourth pantheon node really make a huge difference?

Also, it seems that I still cant regen without popping a flask. Will that change once I get my purity of fire up to 21?

Im really looking forward to tanking shaper with this build. Hopefully I can get these issues resolved.

What issues did you experience while levelling?
Not regging without a flask is normal. If you dont like that you can use stone golem but he dies a lot.

The only defence against chaos i found so far is stacking chaos res on gear. The pantheon node only helps against chaos damage over time.

The only issue while lvling were high phys hits, but now i would fix that with a granite flask.
Ok thanks, I was thinking that myself using a granite flask. Which flask would you recommend swapping out with the granit flask?

Thank you for the hints!
After checking your profile, i think i misunderstood your question. I would use a granite until lvl 60, after that once lightning coil is usable, use taste of hate instead.
The current flask setup is described in the main post.
ok thanks, however when i use granite flask with current set up with all the flask bonuses I give myself essentially 24k armour....this mitigates 70% physical damage is this still worse than using taste of hate? running 24k armour seems pretty OP
dont rely too much on the phys mitigation in your def tab.

The formula for armour phys mitigation is Armour/(Armour+10*damage).
It depents on the hit damage.
For example if mino hits you for 8k your 24k armour is only going to reduce the hit by 23%.

The Taste of Hate + Lightning coil combination does not get reduced this way and will always provide almost 60% phys damage reduction.
Thanks for sharing this build, mate! Playing it rn, feels very smooth and comfortable. Also maitaining flasks is so easy now, awesome.

I'd like to fit in some other spell instead of scorching ray, since this mitigation strategy seems flexible enough. Ideally I'd play it with discharge, but it's hard to optimize as for now. Seen you are running similar PF build with magma orb, so I will take an eye on that)

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Hey, glad you like it.

The base shoud work with other spells but so far only magma orb seems to hit decent damage numbers. Ill get some more lvl before recording a couple map runs with it. The visual and sound of magma orb are annoying after a while.

edit: putting magma orb on ice, the playstyle doesn't suit me.
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