[3.4] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

Congrats bro, very nice unique build. I'm going through hardcore and doing almost all the content pretty easy (almost face tanking all). You can put in the title pretty much HC viable from now.
any ideas to use kaoms and do not lose much defences?
maybe use ToH+watcher's eye 10% cold
drop purity lightning and use arctic armour instead?
ToH + eye and arctic armour sadly dont cooperate that well compared to coil.
You could try a armor variant but i dont see great numbers there.

Basalt + Endurance charges + fortify could work, they should stack properly.
just would throw kaoms in stash and use 5l coil so :p
would use kaoms later for ngamahu pathfinder
I'm stuck on a doubt. Which would be better?
Kaom's Roots or a Boot with life and Chaos resist? The only damage that I'm taking considerable is Chaos damage, but Kaom's Roots give a lot of life though.
I have a hard time finding space for shield charge with roots or atleast would have to drop fortify.
just wanna say thnx to OP for this build.
Died yesterday, so leveing a new one.

The only thing i missed - watcher's eye as its rare/expensive on BHC
died in t14 (boss)(Rigwald) as 83 (!) lvl. LuL it was amazing run with this build
'Terrifyin' in profile.

Wanna give u an amazing idea:
use 6L RF in body
RF-ELEfocus-aoe/conc-burning-(arcane sureg + swift affliction)*

*only works in pair

and use SR in shaper sceptre with ele focus+BM craft (ideally) or just in 4L

First of all, i would like to congrat myself with the OP for this great build.

I've reached lv84 very quickly (done a couple of deaths but my connection sucks and im nab, im not an HC player at all lol). I used Skin of the Loyal + grranite flask for huge phys bosses while leveling, it was great (i had like 15k armour at level 40, lol).
Done uberlab at level 75 quite easily.

This build can pretty facetank everything, though it seems to me that singletarget dps is somewhat low.
I know i don't have that good gear, but even thinking of having all the gems to lv21 i don't see how the damage can improve.
Also, im playing with Pyre and Hrimnor's (which i used as leveling items), which give a lot of damage.

I would like to throw in a ToH. The fact is my Watcher's has double phys conversion, and requires me to use purity of lightning and purity of elements. This way, i can't use purity of fire... and so i need to use a ruby flask to farm maps.
I am studying a way to run all purities: i will use Alpha's of course.

But, using Alpha's, i don't know how i can i manage to reach the dps needed for bosses.
I hope you can give me a couple of good advices. Check my char: Raggio_di_Luce

Thanks mate!
I'm glad you like the build.

On the topic of RF 6 Link:
I chose a 6Link SR setup over RF because RF barely gets any dmg from the 5th and 6th link compared to delirium gloves while SR improves a lot.

On purity of elements:
Getting a 4th aura into the build takes too much resources and skipping ToH for it defeats the purpose. If you cant get a 2 stat eye for the right purities stick to 1 stat. The reason is 1 stat with ToH gives 70% phys hit conversion where 2 stat without ToH only gives 50%.

Other notes on serge91s char:
try to fit delirium essence gloves and use either inc area or conc on RF instead of efficacy.

The build is not the strongest damagewise but its enough to do most bosses.
It just may take a little longer.

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