[3.4] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

How would be Ahn's Heritage shield instead of Saffell's flame? more block with attacks, armor, and life.

And Arcane Chemistry is really necessary? Cause you spend 6 points to take it.
If I understand that right, increasing cast speed will only reduce the time to reach stage 8 of scorching ray. Currently it takes 3.5 sec to get there and a lot of fights give me this much time.

I tested removing 20% reduced charges used (the belt) to simulate a missing Arcane Chemistry and I wasnt able to upkeep the flasks like it is possible now (3+ sec downtime on taste of hate).
If you are confident in using the flasks on time without 100% uptime you could skip it.

Ahn's Heritage is a great shield for this build and I didn't use it to reach 100% resist but now that the ruby flask and pantheon interaction were dismissed i will give it another try.
Will test it to see if the missing 1% max res hurts.
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Got it, and the three points of aura effect really make the difference?
silly question but how did you level as in what skill. did you go straight to RF at 35 or use the tried and tested sunder meta ?
the three aura notes give 1% max res, imo thats worth it.

I did lvl this character with RF from lvl 35 (without a cloak of flame or taste of hate).
3 Flask charges every 3 seconds and the resulting permanent life flasks were a nice lvling experience. Only high phys hits gave me some trouble until i had a taste of hate and lightning coil.
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added a mapping flask setup and a couple other changes.

currently learing the uber elder fight.
the combination of elder slow/drain and shaper orbs is what kills me a lot.
Hoping to counter the phys degen fields with the new heal flask setup and the anti phys dmg over time while moving pantheon. Gonna get another lvl and stock up on chisels and fragments before doing more guaridan maps and another couple uber elder tries.

Thanks to Jakhor and Bizrock for great ideas to improve the build.
Uber Elder down!
Video added, setup updated.
Good job man :)
Nice guide! I have some crappy gear (most priced are ToH and 5l coil).Make it for testing rf on pf. Just rushed t10-t12 maps on easy. 6k hp, 85+ move speed - Afk kill red tier elder guard. If i invest like 2-5ex it will shine. Is 6l required to take shaper?
Here some short clip (people can see how fast rf can be only whis 20ms boots)
hey, glad you like the guide.
You dont need a 6 Link for shaper, did it on a 5 Link in the video.

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