[3.4] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

Nice build!Glad to see an unusual RF build.I want to use this build to take down Uber Elder.But 4 off Lightning Coil is a bit hard to craft.Already spent 1000 chrome,but never get a 4 off.Bit sad.Will it be possible to take down Uber Elder with a 3 off lightning coil.
thanks. 3 Off should work, replace controlled with swift affliction.

What i did to colour my coil was the add and remove socket method detailed here. Add 3 blue with vori and keep adding and removing the 4th socket until its blue (i was unlucky and needed around 12 tries). After that add the 5th with vori and hope for red, same for the 6th. It eats some jeweler orbs if you are unlucky, but its a safe method.
Thanks for your reply!With no skill duration node in the tree,I think swift affliction will prevent the SR from stacking 8 times.That will lose bunch of damage.So I will work on 4 off Lightning Coil.
Scorching ray doesnt need duration if you keep the beam on your enemy. The only thing it does is last longer once the beam no longer hits the target. That means while you hit and have a cast interval smaller then the duration (base 0.5 interval vs 1.5 duration) it should reach stage 8.

Anyway, i checked my old screenshots and i was doing t14 elder with 2 red 2 blue 1 green on my coil 5link, it works.
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Hey i want to try this build in BHC, is it hardcore viable?
Its tanky but the playstyle might need some getting used to. The only problem i can see with HC is paying attention to flasks. Without them the build still has 6k armour, 84 max res and around 7k life, but the difference is huge.
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This looks like a lot of fun, but kind of curious how far you can get with more of a 'leveling' setup like you mention? At what point did you find that you really need to swap in eye/coil/taste? Considering giving this a try as opposed to jug (bhc), but I can't afford the end game setup for either yet. If this can still do fine in low/mid maps, with the quant from distillate it may help farm the rest?
Since i was using coil + ToH from lvl 60, i cant tell you how far you can get without.

Coil and ToH are the main physical defence. Without you will need to look out for hard physical hits and that does not work well with the close up stationary playstyle of this build.

While lvling phys dmg gave me most trouble, but you could use a granite flask for a while to get some form of phys mitigation.

isnt it more optimal path?
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Does the distillate flask not show up on the character screen when used? I show 84% fire with and without using this flask even though the flask is supposed to bring my fire resistance up by 6%. Also, it appears I cannot use RF without using distillate flask because my health goes down. Is this how it should work or did I miss something? Thanks for sharing your build. I think I have everything needed to start playing. In the videos you sue a golem, but I don't see a golem gem in any of your gear.
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