[3.4] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Red Maps with all mods

Physical damage overtime it only poison\bleed?
i checked your tree giordano, it gave me 10k dmg but reduced the life by 350, the cold and lightning max res by 1% and the reg by 80 hps. I prefer my variant.

The distillate shows up in the defence tab, see here. Without distillate im loosing health aswell, but since it runs all the time that does not really matter. I used to use a stone golem and you can, but it died a lot and i swapped it out.

There are other physical damage over time sources, most relevant would be the ground effect in the elder / uber elder fight or the atziri trio.
Thanks for the reply. One quick additional question if you have a moment. How did you add quality to Blood of the Karui flask without increasing the duration? When I add quality it increases the duration beyond the initial 2.5 seconds which I really don't want to happen. How did you do that?
negue2 wrote:
Since i was using coil + ToH from lvl 60, i cant tell you how far you can get without.

Coil and ToH are the main physical defence. Without you will need to look out for hard physical hits and that does not work well with the close up stationary playstyle of this build.

While lvling phys dmg gave me most trouble, but you could use a granite flask for a while to get some form of phys mitigation.

Thanks. I'm actually leveling with 2 poets pens right now, so I should be able to swap them for coil / ToH pretty easily to get me started. Figured I'd just ride these out following your tree as long as the damage will carry me. Just hit 40 and going smooth still. Should be able to get close to 50-55 before I feel the need to switch if my patience holds out.
Blood of the karui doesn't get a longer duration from quality. Its own mod "(5-20)% increased Recovery rate" influences the length. A higher roll gives a shorter duration.

Btw TheGilliom, after checking your char i really recommend getting a anti curse topaz, otherwise flammability and ele weakness are painful if you aren't overcapped by a lot and ignoring temp chains feels great.

GL fiyawerx, btw in case you aren't using them temporary you dont need the mana nodes behind Mind over Matter.
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why Master surgeon asc. over Veteran Bowyer?
10 pen rocks
+100% charges from burning targets
seems much better
On veteran bowyer vs master surgeon:
iirc this kind of pen doesnt work with rf.
The random elemental of phys dmg ruins 1/3 of all shield charges for EE.
The extra charges from dying enemies are not needed.
And the bleed removal and extra heal from flasks on master surgeon are very welcome.
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yeah ruining EE hurts.
btw - if u dont wanna use anh's u can try death's door for +1 end. charge and bleed immunity (and u can try pick end. charge near duelist (2points) so it would be 5 end. charges total = 20% more phys def) ?
So wouldnt be Master Herbalist better choice due to 30 chaos res and 10% inc. damage over time?
You can drop Master Surgeon for any minor pathfinder node for flask effectivnes, that allows us to drop conqueror potency.

I personally leveled with RF since lvl 20 when I could get brightbeak, shaper's seed, 2x kikizaru and springleaf. Just use life and ruby flask to sustain it, it was enough. Later you can change 1 or 2 kikizarus for pyre to get some dmg.

Also, delirium gloves are not needed, you can use wyrmsign for lvl 5 conc, which gives more dmg than delirium gloves (for worse area ofc, but with inc area and area nodes its not bad), also if you get 2 fragility jewels with ahn's heritage you get rampage, permament 3% max res and onslaught which is nice for mapping.

Another thing is you can change one purity for aspect of the spider, which is 15% more multiplier for our dmg.

If you have problems with physical damage and you can't affod taste of hate, just use basalt flask or granite (I personally prefer basalt). You have to drop sapphire or topaz flask, but you don't need those for mapping.

This build is MF viable, I hit about 78% quant with distilate, 2 decent ventors (or you can use pariah with white socket) and goldwyrms. The only thing is you can't use ruby and distilate at the same time, because you will regen mana at some point.
started this build 2 days ago
yeah as i am not using ToH atm so yeah i dropped saphire and purity and use 2 purity + arctic armour + basalt + LCoil

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