60 unique rings = Loreweave

If only I could go back in time and buy all the shitty rings from poe trade. I wonder, what will now happen to their prices.
Completed 15 ChallengesKatastruff wrote:
My collection of unique rings is finally worth something.


Yeah lol hoarding finaly paid of made mine and i can prob make another if i can be bothered.
It's ok to be white
Wonder how soon the "P2W" crowd will catch on to this one.
Hi there, i rushed in buying rings, was a bit annoying but finally ended up getting 60 (1c each, fast)
Got lucky with the roll and got something close to max life and 80 res.

Sold it 4 exalts.

Few hours ago there was 7800 unique rings <= 1c available, now it's about 3000 :)
But there still alot available, especially offline.
Imo the price for chest without 80 all res roll will be arround ~1-2ex ? Im not sure i dont know :)
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Shit ...

shit shit shit!

Sold 4 unique rings for 1 fuse each late last night, now I know why.


There are 10 types of people. Those that know binary, and those that dont.
I have been doing the chance recipe with the rings for all these years. I could easily gotten 3 of these chests. I still have a decent amount though.
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27 fuses lols
Completed 35 ChallengesI_NO wrote:


Thanks I_NO, I don't read Reddit ;)
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How about "resets links on damage taken"? Wouldn't that make a fun armor mod?
I think will be nerfed soon.

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