Chris really should stop posting and commenting on Reddit

Completed 6 Challenges鬼殺し wrote:
I think he should break up with the community, period. Let Bex do the CM's job of soothing the tantrums and teasing the content, here and on reddit. She's very good at it. Chris should stick to higher profile stuff like interviews and news announcements. At this point, all this negative energy both here and on reddit can only be discouraging when I feel the best thing for GGG to do is write Bestiary off as an interesting, educating failure and get to work on 3.3+.

This hasn't been a healthy relationship for a while now.

not a bad idea really

We heart Bex
Im a Fraud
Completed 5 Challengesmajesw wrote:
Completed 6 Challenges鬼殺し wrote:
I've not seen backlash like this for any league, ever, and I've seen them all. And it's particularly noteworthy backlash because it's coming from multiple directions and from different camps. That's really unusual.

Were you asleep when Lab was released? Lab was the real critical mass of complaining... This is approaching it, but not really there. Possibly because there are so many directions and most complaints seem disjointed?

Labyrinth wasn't a league mechanic.
Conversations can be tiring and they can be unrewarding. I do not tolerate conversations that are both.
If any more confirmation was needed if you're not on Reddit in terms of PoE you aren't heard, whether its good or bad feedback.

Reddit is the official forum of PoE has been for a long long time.

Tbh would love to know why someone in Chris's position is even commenting on Reddit in the first place.

Reddit is so unhealthy for the game and its long-term community.
I can exploit him for what he is without repercussions on reddit.
Honestly I check reddit as often with the main site. Because why not? It's great Chris is engaging with the community but with his role with the's better delegated to someone else and rather not seeing him being lynch mobbed by keyboard warrior fanbois.
Completed 6 Challengesmrrick1781 wrote:
If any more confirmation was needed if you're not on Reddit in terms of PoE you aren't heard, whether its good or bad feedback.

Reddit is the official forum of PoE has been for a long long time.

I'd argue there is a big difference between a forum and an echo chamber. Especially with an upvote system, and users become punished for having differing opinions (post flood increases to 10 minutes)
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I like that Chris posted some stats to counter the hyperbole. Posting something because you know about the things people are saying then getting on with your job is a LOT different to FURIOUSLY TYPING and refreshing the thread (and every other one mentioning you/ your company/ the league etc) every 20 seconds while chain smoking and downing Mountain Dew.

I mean, projection Redditors?

Sure, that's downplaying what must be pretty stressful, but yeah. Maybe the bestiary experience will give rise to a Media Rep role or something. Who knows?

Speaking of stats and hyperbole, I am looking forwards to some stats from this league. It's no secret that if you're immersed in playing, generally you're not too interested in posting online.

I still <3 Einar.

GGG please release charms so I can fill my inventory with them and complain about inv space

And just to rub salt into the wound one more time Christ posts important message on Reddit exlusively -
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I will say this: what do you prefer: an endless stream of 'craft rare with X mod' or an essence over which you have a lot of control? Sadly that's how the forum feels, an endless stream of cesspool with some good drops scatered here and there. Not to say that reddit is perfect, but the 'eco chamber' effect makes it sooo much nicer to read. Plus, it feels so good not having to go through 10 pages of two people bickering over some pointless matter.
sharbe wrote:
Holy s dude, you don't even have a house. Stop panicking.

my sides

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