Chris really should stop posting and commenting on Reddit

Again, it's the 'interesting' and 'educating' bit people seem to be missing when I call Bestiary a failure. In terms of an experiment and a league that pushes the boundary between league and expansion, Bestiary is a success. In terms of support pack sales, also a success. In terms of last minute rush release despite various setbacks, definitely a success. In terms of advancing the game as a whole and giving players a gimmick worth their time, not a success. Whether due to the design decisions or all these bugs and dupes and unforeseen disparities, Bestiary is absolutely not a success. I've not seen backlash like this for any league, ever, and I've seen them all. And it's particularly noteworthy backlash because it's coming from multiple directions and from different camps. That's really unusual.
Conversations can be tiring and they can be unrewarding. I do not tolerate conversations that are both.
I wish they just would stop releasing leagues every 3 months and instead just take their time, test out things better and prepare better for a new league. Meanwhile they could throw some races here and there. It's absolute obvious at this point, they can't keep up with the 3 months/per league schedule. If only they had more time Bestiary league would have been a much smoother experience for everyone.
I wish people would support that idea but the numbers show so far the best way to keep support pack sales going is regular leagues. It's impossible to convince GGG otherwise. Which means they're probably right, and an update that's nothing but fixes and reviews of old content wouldn't sell as many support packs as yet another league gimmick.

I get the feeling the current league frequency is optimal for revenue and output. Bestiary was an exception -- it was done over the Xmas period and was far, far too ambitious for its own good. It's neither league nor expansion, and as such fails to be a good example of either.
Conversations can be tiring and they can be unrewarding. I do not tolerate conversations that are both.
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Goremise wrote:
I'm honestly amazed that people related to GGG, comment on Reddit of all places. Its like the breeding ground for children. You go there when you want to breed. :D

but seriously though, no one should take reddit seriously, and I am amazed Chris does.

yeah its pretty fucking disgusting that he does and the game is slowly getting more and more casual....look at poe over past 2 years and all of the "QoL" changes that reddit cried about until it got put in...shits getting to easy now and the whole "necromancy nets" is just one of the first steps to this game turning into what blizzard does to their games
Never thought I'd say this but people are being way too critical of GGG, Chris, and even the infamous QA team.

GGG is like pixar in the sense that they've consistently delivered good content and the first slip up is met with so much vitrol.
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It'd be hard for them to be more critical at this point, so I'm glad you've found your breaking point...

Conversations can be tiring and they can be unrewarding. I do not tolerate conversations that are both.
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I think he should break up with the community, period. Let Bex do the CM's job of soothing the tantrums and teasing the content, here and on reddit. She's very good at it. Chris should stick to higher profile stuff like interviews and news announcements. At this point, all this negative energy both here and on reddit can only be discouraging when I feel the best thing for GGG to do is write Bestiary off as an interesting, educating failure and get to work on 3.3+.

This hasn't been a healthy relationship for a while now.

My thing with this league is that playing it makes *me* feel like a failure.

I love the concept. And the idea of being able to do targeted crafting is great, since I've mostly migrated to SSF.

But I'm an utter failure at capturing beasts. It didn't help that I started with a summoner, and my minions would kill things before I could cast a net.

So I switched to a melee build. And I still can't seem to get the balance between not killing a beast immediately and being able to kill it in 3 seconds once it has been netted.

On top of that, I must be spastic - the last two red beasts I encountered, the net went to something next to them. It was frustrating that the last one was an un-capturable minion of the beast.

And this is all in the story-line. I'd hoped that the Necro nets would help me, but apparently they are for end-game.

It's pretty depressing - even the trauma of playing a non-godly energy-shield based character when the labyrinth was introduced didn't make me feel I'm not good enough to play this game the way this league has.
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Goremise wrote:
I'm honestly amazed that people related to GGG, comment on Reddit of all places.

We actually had forums then GGG literally took their things and migrated to reddit

Now we do not have forums nor reddit. people in discord voice channels are translating gachibass while screaming DOUNODEWAY

Котейка рубль бережет
Yeah he should stop. But now it is too late.

Once things seemingly go bad, things afterwards, can only go better i hope.

Lucky me that I play leagues for specific uniques and not mechanics itself. Even though at times I complain like I play for other reasons.
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