Important: How We're Changing Capturing

I really hope that the dead-nets have a failrate - cause if not, concentrating for alive captures will just feel dumb. And please make it a rate that will make it worth concentrating...
Or the nets reeeeally expensive.

Aside of this, i think you took all the problems that were said a lot and found really good solutions for them.
I am thinking of trying to marry you guys.
Just tried loading POE for the first time since the new Bestiary expansion/patch released and now I can't get past the start screen - keep getting freeze and request to close program.....
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After a good night's sleep, I think that capturing dead beasts is a silly ad-hoc "solution" and should not be done. Instead take your time and properly improve the capturing experience.
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Do NOT add dead beast capture!

Here is a suggestion but first let me point out how NETs actually already work, If you throw a net on a FULL life mob then quickly kill it as in reduce its sheild and HP to zero it will automatically capture, skipping the electric animation thing. (WHICH IS GREAT)

So you dont have to try to slowly lower the beasts life and end up killing it by mistake or what ever people are finding tedious If you have a high damage or totem/summon build or something.

Increase Net cast speed and/OR add a mechanic where you can throw like up to THREE (3) Nets at once, that way you can quickly throw three nets then proceed to just use your skills and kill/capture them.

If you increase the cast speed of the net so it would feel more seamless just like throwing a trap on a trapper build only you just have to then use your dps skill afterwards. It should be fast and feel great to do.
It's nice you can capture dead beast. Summoners etc anyone with too high DPS will be pleased with this.

Those who still want to do the mechanic can still do it if they want too.

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Wish they would change Vorici quests too...
Just one thing: could you reduce the size of the "new recipe" box that appears after a capture? The thing covers A LOT of screen real estate, but I still need to see what's going on while I'm playing.
seems like the bestiary league was never tested for its playing experience...

- i initially liked the idea to explicitly NOT kill something, but to capture it instead for bonusses. such a concept adds a new component to the game, while almost other new content is usually just a dps check "kill a strong monster in order to get a bonus" or a killspeed check "kill many monsters fast in order to get a bonus"
- however how it actually works is very disappointing, as i basically have to kill the strong monster, only that short before killing it i have to press an additional key for the bonus
- the ability to capture dead monsters would make the league even more disappointing. first, the beasts would then be nothing but dps checks. why should i capture a beast before killing it when i can also just collect it afterwards, along with the stuff he drops. second, why is it even required to capture a monster, couldn't the monster instead just drop something which we can use for crafting? we would of course need a fancy new name for the crafting ingredientd - how about essences? (i liked the essence league, but when "new content" just means that the same ideas are re-used over and over again, then please skip all that "new" stuff and just bring back leagustones instead)
- also there are some really annoying flaws such as the recipe book or the much too large "new recipe unlocked" popup in the middle of the screen where i usually have some monsters i need to see...
How GGG could think a 100 hours Vorici-Quest might be a good idea is honestly beyond me.

Many of our builds can´t control their damage output very well, you know. Neither we have crystal ball predicting if our hit will barely scratch or oneshot a mob.

Mine usually end up dead, dead or dead.
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Would it be possible to give clear audio cues during capturing, which help players understand why a capture may have failed?

For me, the main reason that capturing feels clunky, is that I often cannot determine why it fails. There are several possible reasons:

1. Is the creature ineligible or capturing? The rules for what can/can't be captured seem to be a) messy and b) context-related, so it's hard to tell in advance. For example, goatmen count as beasts, but howlers don't - why? Sometimes creatures can't be captured even if their very name is "(xxx) Beast" - I suppose it's related to beasts that got spawned in relation to a quest, but logically it doesn't make sense that these can't be captured, and the error message "bets can only capture beasts" comes off as pretty ironic when the target clearly _is_ a beast.

A clear audio cue indicating "this is not a valid target for nets" would help here. Or you could give beasts a glowing shape when I move the mouse over them. I understand that that the text message "nets can only capture beasts" is supposed to convey this information, but I don't have much free attention to pay to the chat in the middle of a fight.

2. Did the net fail to catch on? (I'm not sure if this is what happens, but sometimes the net doesn't seem to do anything at all, although it does get thrown.)

3. Is the monster already enraged? (There already is a text message for this, but see above. Reading chat messages requires attention that I may not have at my dispose in the middle of a fight. Audio cues would be much easier to grasp, after getting accustomed to them.

4. Did I just miss the target with my mouse?

As long as I often can't determine why the process fails, I keep trying (and failing) in situations where I would otherwise already know that it can't succeed. Due to this repetitive failing, the mechanic feels very clunky to me.

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