Important: How We're Changing Capturing

We have finished reading and discussing the vast amount of feedback from Day One of the Bestiary League. It's very clear that how nets work needs to change. We have worked out a plan that will solve these issues and that can also be implemented in a fast timeframe.

While we will continue to assess over the weekend, we have two proposed changes:

Restoring the Three-second Capture Window with Nets

I initially explained in the pre-release FAQ about Bestiary that nets gave a big time window to hurt monsters before the capture decision was made. We fully intended to have this in for release, but during the final polish pass, we tried to solve various soft exploits involving the three-second stuns by changing how this duration was calculated. The released version today could go as low as 0.2 seconds without us having considered how this ruined the goal of having a long capture window. I take full responsibility for this and we'll roll that change back. This will mean that the promise of being able to throw the net first and DPS second will actually be true. We'll find some other solution to those small stun abuse cases we were worried about.

While this massively helps with how capturing feels, it doesn't singlehandedly solve other feedback about the league. Our second proposed change does, however:

Being able to Capture Dead Beasts

We're going to introduce some new nets that can capture dead Beasts. You'll be able to kill monsters at your normal speed without slowing down, and then you throw this net onto the dead monsters. It'll find the rarest monster there and attach to it. Einhar has already demonstrated his skills at blood magic, so he's very capable of reviving the monster as he adds it to your Menagerie.

After this change is made, players who want to go fast or who deal so much damage that nothing stands a chance will still be able to capture whatever Beasts they want. Players who enjoy the existing capture mechanics can still use the regular series of nets, with the option of switching to the new ones if they feel the need later on.

(Note that we will address builds that destroy corpses, so that they can still use this new mechanic).

We will prioritise these changes for very early in the workweek. Thanks for your patience, and I hope that people who found the launch capture mechanics frustrating will find the new ones a lot better.
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