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I've failed quite a few attempted captures in situations where there are tons of mobs on-screen. The challenge is that even if I clear out the first set of mobs, the rare I'd like to capture often ends up with a lot more help crowded around them quite soon. But, their health is already is pretty rough shape by then. So, a combination of difficulty with homing in on a mob that's trying to dance around other mobs to get to my character and the speed with which ED / blight kills creates problems.

Rather than set up nets to automatically target the "best" mobs after they die, why not create nets that automatically home in on the "best" living mob within a given radius?

I agree with others that "post-death" capturing makes no sense. It makes life easier, but it kills the sense of immersion. It's also boring to retreat over ground already covered to pick through corpses.
Critical skills for an emperor include military expertise, diplomacy, and judgment about justice / economy. Skill at running trap gauntlets is about as helpful for an emperor as race car driving skills are for a pediatrician.

Lore for lab takes dumb job interview questions to a whole new level.
If you're worried about exploits surrounding stunning mobs with nets, I'd suggest decoupling the stun and netting altogether. You throw a net, it stuns the monster for the current time period, but you always get the full 3 second window to capture it. It's not like most of us actually care about the stun period anyway.
My spectres build/solar guardian just one shot beast most of the time, just its too hard to capture a beast.
Capturing dead beasts is dumb as fuck. Monsters will be tradable, if the clearspeed-meta folk doesn't want to slow down to capture specific Monsters, let them trade for them.

If I'm able to capture dead beasts, than there is no Point in capturing the ones alive...

Sorry to be so rude, but that's the most idiotic idea I've heard in the history of PoE...
Thanks GGG!
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I am not sure about the capturing dead monster thing. I think it ruins the challenge a bit but it is nearly impossible for guys with culling strike to deal with it...

Another thing you really should add is a stash (and possible guild stash) to the menagerie...
If you're worried about the stun, why not simply get rid of it altogether above 20% life? For those who are simply nuking the intended target outright the fact it is not 'impeded' will mean nothing, and people who don't insta-kill are already trying to keep an eye on the health bar... if they can find it in the spam of adds.

IMO, the 'summoning' aspect needs to be reworked; there are simply too many, coming too often, to see the target at all even with the bird skull above it (VERY far above it, so far it's often off screen entirely while the target is meelee close).

At 20% life the net would stun as normal, preventing it from summoning more adds for a set period of time - 10 seconds, for example, but only at 20% life or below. If it's normal regen takes it back above 20% the timer remains though the target may escape the trap and become enraged.

I do like, however, that I can re-apply the trap once they're low life even in the enraged state.
Thankyou Chris !!!
Wow... just a 24h poll? Sadly I just got the info on the poll after it was closed... I would have liked to vote AGAINST capturing dead beasts. It totally spoils the idea of this league and I really like the league so far! It gives back a more slow and a bit more roleplaying touch to this game - which I absolutely enjoy! More of this, pls!!

But capturing dead beasts is like... meh. Where is the thrill or challenge or ... sense! I don't need to capture dead beasts... they are dead.

For those builds that have to struggle with the original implementation I'm sure there are other solutions apart from this one here.

But capturing dead beasts... srsly...
so the league mechanic needs to be changed because ~50% of players don't know how to cut their burst damage and isolate a mob? Maybe I am just too low and casual to understand, but these folks also fail Vorici's "keep target on low life for 8 seconds" daily all the time I conclude? Why did that one not have to be changed then? ... It will be boring if you add capturing dead beasts.

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