Bestiary Improvements So Far

We have spent the day reading feedback about Bestiary and have prioritised a number of changes that have been deployed. We're very happy to see so many people enjoying hunting monsters, and are discussing plans to address points of frustration that come up in the feedback. This post outlines the changes made so far. There will certainly be more over the coming week.

Recipe Notifications
  • You can now click through the recipe notifications so that they don't block movement.
  • While space bar closes the current notification, it now also dismisses the rest of the ones that are queued behind it. You can still see them in the Bestiary book.
  • If you never want to see these notifications again, there's now a UI option to suppress them entirely.

Netting Frustrations
  • We have made it easier to capture Legendary Beasts (they're the ones with two Bestiary mods). Looking at data of which monsters are failing to capture, it's almost always these ones. It should be about twice as easy to capture them now.
  • We have added a short message appears in the chat area when you try to capture an enraged monster. This isn't allowed while the enrage is active (so that you can't spam stuns on arbitrary Beasts), but it really wasn't clear before and felt very clunky. The message now makes it clear why it failed. It's the same type of message that you currently get if you try to capture a non-Beast.
  • We're still processing and discussing feedback about the capture process, so expect more improvements.

Non-Bestiary Fixes
We fixed other stuff also! Check out the patch notes for Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2 and Hotfix 3.

Ongoing Bestiary Improvements
For other changes, they'll likely come during the workweek, as I am encouraging most of the developers to enjoy their Sunday playing the league and having some time off after the last few intense weeks of development.

Thanks for your great feedback and awesome screenshots/stories from the league so far.
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Oh god, I was not allowed to capture the enraged one lol. I thought I was lagging out or it wasnt working when I could not throw another net :D

As usualy, thanks for your work, those were some fast fixes. Now get some sleep.
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Someone sing Chris a lullaby to finally get him to sleep!
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So chance of bugfixes for all the shit that's happened, huh?
Capture mechanic improvements need to come ASAP.. I said it will be chore mechanic, but it's actually a lot worse than I thought.
Thanks for taking note of our feedback :)
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