Bestiary Challenge Rewards

I guess I'll take another break from poe
I'm pretty disappointed not to see PET in the awards ... everyone will tell you ... we would have preferred Wing > Portal > Pet you made a mistake GGG :/
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viperesque wrote:
Why is the 36 reward so often a portal?

Because when you’ve done that many it’s time to leave. :P
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dat portal
Seriously guys, no pet when the whole league is based around hunting and capturing creatures? :( that's a bit disappointing
Lvgamer wrote:
Sarno wrote:
Kinda disappointed overall.

Helm’s ugly. Wings and Portal are decent.

Agree the wings and portal are cool. HELL at least they give some free things.... VERY rare they give out free stuff.

They have. The games free.

Literally, you are commenting in the thread in which they give out free mtx for completing challenges.
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I was EXPECTING a pet.

Kinda silly...
The portal looks perfect for my skin!
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the helmet is disgusting
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Decent looking enugh. The portal looks a little too busy.
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