Bestiary Challenge Rewards

Pet would be nice, but i hope league will be SO good and fun that everyone enjoy it more than pet.
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Helm looks really trash, don't like the wings either and why would I use that obnoxious ugly portal when I have the 36 reward from last league that actually looks really good.
Who hurt you?
I wish you would have added a pet reward :(
what a shame for bestiary league :/
I like it! I can finally can get wings! Rewards are so cute! xD
Disappointing league, as usual. Nothing to see here but garbage.
I was hyped until i saw the rewards , no motivation to play now...
It's being almost 3 leagues with the same thing portals, wings or helmet/eyes/foot. Did you realise that is the competitive and rewards mtx that keep your game alive? even for who playing for free like me have right's to give our opinion or the game is just for who pay 60 bucks for supports packs? we need to talk about what gives motivation to play, if the game is just for who put money in game then we would got like 500 player's and not even 50k+ and i didnt buy support packs but already put more than 50 on the game. at least we could get some armour set with a really hard challanges not those ones that we finish them in 30 days.

P.S : It's my opinion and im not trying to offend someone im just saying the same as others, the rewards became the same every league. (Sorry for my bad english)
I actually love those rewards, they'll fit nicely with my Raven Armour set!

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