Bestiary Challenge Rewards

It's surprising to me how motivating the league rewards are. For the first time since I started playing in Talisman, I feel each to be ugly and would certainly not use any. And there's just no desire to grind for garbage rewards and another totem.

As someone who rarely uses the mtx's from supporter packs (except for the epic sovereign portal) and actually prefers getting HO decorations from boxes, I use almost exclusively use league rewards for cosmetics. Of course helms are the most visible part of gear (why else would GGG have that line of league hats), but why just helm, helm, helm each league and not the occasional glove, chest or boot. Thank god I went for full talisman armor when it was out. And I'll repeat again from my last post, this really should have been pets and/or HO decorations.

If this isn't a phenomenal league mechanic, the lack of quality rewards and heavy focus on crafting with obvious clear-speed, rng-based grinding could make this temp league a ghost town.
I can't wait to get that portal! I really hope it doesn't take 3 solid months of grinding to get it though :/
Did they announce the challenges already? I can't find them anywhere.
orbankaroly wrote:
Did they announce the challenges already? I can't find them anywhere.

I'm looking for them too. They said the challenges will be released soon after the rewards and... the league starts in 6 hours from now and no news from what I can see.
Can we have the challenge list now please? League starts in less than 20 minutes and you guys don't have them finalized yet? Come on now!
I just MIGHT get that Helmet thingy. With some VERY good luck.

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