Bestiary Challenge Rewards

No pet reward for BESTIARY league?!
jesus that helm
delete all lootboxes
Last edited by SteveSkolo on Dec 6, 2020, 5:53:23 PM
Sarno wrote:
Kinda disappointed overall.

Helm’s ugly. Wings and Portal are decent.

I actually love em
The details tho,nice
No Pet for Bestiary challenges ? :( Would prefer a pet over that helmet
Krazlam wrote:
No pet reward for BESTIARY league?!

That’s a good point!

Certainly would’ve preferred one to the helm or wings...
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"You see that weird skull over there?"


"Stick your head in it. That's your helmet now."

Neat-looking MTX. Maybe I'll go for the portal this time.
Portal effect look so sick !

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