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its going to be spider related
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Pokemon go league confirmed. You fly fish the lava streams for demons, once you got 5x t1 demons you tie together their tails to bait a t2 demon, when you have 5x t2 demons you can bait a t3 demon, when you have 5x t3 demons you can bait a t4, 5x t4 demons allows you to catch a t5 demon, 5x t5s gets you a t6, when you collect 5 different t6 demons you gain access to a secret abyss fishing hole containing an unusually angry guppy who 1 shots you then drops a vendor tier corrupted amulet.

Im hyped already.

THIS ...this ... i have no words. LOL, thats poe leagues history in a few sentences.
"Net" ?

Fishy expansion coming...
Chop onion, pepper, garlic. Heat up pan. Add oil, leave til hot. Add onions, stir til translucent. Add veggies, chilli powder, paprika, cumin. Stir. Brown 500g lean minced rhoa, stir til no pink bits. Make sauce using rhoa stock, tomatoes, marjoram. Stir in Kidney beans. Enjoy Rhoa Chili.
Please let my card be in this league!
Fishing League confirmed!
Achievements: 120/120 Ascendancy Classes Lv.90+: 18/19 Best FF: VII
I wanted to give a cryptic hint about the upcoming league, but couldn't really find a way to capture it in one sentence. Maybe I need a better net.


Sounds promising!
fishing incomming
Bex_GGG wrote:
Completed 28 ChallengesJerle wrote:
So... is that $90 for all packs? Or $120?


I hope that packs will be ugly and I will not want to buy them, because you become greedy - one league pack for 60$, besides an expansion packs, now is not enough for you.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
Can you tell us, are all races officially called off for the end of this league?

Need to know so I can plan ahead, and stock drinks, food, RNG prayers, etc....
If they added some sort of a fishing mechanic that would be crazy. The hint looks that way, I can't think of anything else with Net, maybe because of the fishing hints for years.

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