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its going to be spider related
Snorkle_uk wrote:


Pokemon go league confirmed. You fly fish the lava streams for demons, once you got 5x t1 demons you tie together their tails to bait a t2 demon, when you have 5x t2 demons you can bait a t3 demon, when you have 5x t3 demons you can bait a t4, 5x t4 demons allows you to catch a t5 demon, 5x t5s gets you a t6, when you collect 5 different t6 demons you gain access to a secret abyss fishing hole containing an unusually angry guppy who 1 shots you then drops a vendor tier corrupted amulet.

Im hyped already.

THIS ...this ... i have no words. LOL, thats poe leagues history in a few sentences.
"Net" ?

Fishy expansion coming...
Please let my card be in this league!
Fishing League confirmed!
I wanted to give a cryptic hint about the upcoming league, but couldn't really find a way to capture it in one sentence. Maybe I need a better net.


Sounds promising!
fishing incomming
Bex_GGG wrote:
Jerle wrote:
So... is that $90 for all packs? Or $120?


I hope that packs will be ugly and I will not want to buy them, because you become greedy - one league pack for 60$, besides an expansion packs, now is not enough for you.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
Can you tell us, are all races officially called off for the end of this league?

Need to know so I can plan ahead, and stock drinks, food, RNG prayers, etc....
If they added some sort of a fishing mechanic that would be crazy. The hint looks that way, I can't think of anything else with Net, maybe because of the fishing hints for years.

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