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Uhm Unetical net Fishing?
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Pokemon go league confirmed. You fly fish the lava streams for demons, once you got 5x t1 demons you tie together their tails to bait a t2 demon, when you have 5x t2 demons you can bait a t3 demon, when you have 5x t3 demons you can bait a t4, 5x t4 demons allows you to catch a t5 demon, 5x t5s gets you a t6, when you collect 5 different t6 demons you gain access to a secret abyss fishing hole containing an unusually angry guppy who 1 shots you then drops a vendor tier corrupted amulet.

Im hyped already.
Excellent news, can't wait for the announcement!
Good news , i can't wait ...
Fishing HYPE
PoE and cats natural attraction v.2:
Captured in game pets and Pokemon battle system?
I bet its underwater content... swimming?
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
Badminton net confirmed
Chris wrote:
I wanted to give a cryptic hint about the upcoming league, but couldn't really find a way to capture it in one sentence. Maybe I need a better net.

Fishing nets exist. 🤔

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