The Press Tour has Finished!

Why don't you have a timezone <br> code or smt for these news posts
always making us poor Europeans figure out when noon PST or 9am NZ time is ...???

I mean you already have the technology on your site for the countdown clocks... seems like you could just add some simple code for it to work in the news posts... :/

IGN: Keyneeeight
Maybe I need a better net.


Many have asked for this.

Just speculation. It's unlikely afaik.

One of the reasons I think it also took them a long time is bc as we've seen from the War for the Atlas IGN "Why now is the best time to get into PoE" interview, the press doesn't understand GGG or Path of Exile.
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/checks watch

/scratch head

edit: realizes wrong day. F being sick and disoriented!
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ThunderBiome wrote:

Many have asked for this.
Just speculation. It's unlikely afaik.

not unlikely, impossible. for an offline mode they would have to release their server side code which is their holy grail and the reason there isn't much cheating in poe.

it's also their business model to have people play online and for free and buy mtx to show others how they like the game. they can't suddenly start charging players for an offline game client.
rawfonwad wrote:
better net -> battle net -> invade Diablo realm and kill their players (if they has any)

If only
Yeah, new quests is what I really want in the game in 2018.
Bring the damn adventure mode for leveling and dont ever add another quests to the game.

Figure out a good way to earn all the passive points form the story.
Everyone assumes fishing, but my brain went straight to "oh god we're gonna have a pokemon league," lol.

yeah lol this is what I thought, well, more specifically monster hunter, but then I thought of why, what things one could adquire and how the "low-life try to capture" deal really doesnt mesh well with ARPGs and came to the conclusion that while a collectible portion would add another layer of things to do, it would clash a bit too much with the genre. the pacing is all wrong. though In theory its possible to do with boss-type hp and addition of capture items, I dont see what that could get us... pieces for crafting (more MH)? or a ranch added to Hideout? No pets though cause that would cannibalize the MTX pet store.
it would still seem weird and Im sure it would be a bit of a gamble reception-wise since it would have to include a lot of new bosses that might not be liked and then you waste all your efforts in a big system just for the community to vote NO on adding it to the game. (personally I would really like such a system, in the past I even suggested more rare monsters like albino rhoa and this would go well with it, but dont expect others to have the same opinion within this genre, despite collectable games being very popular)

So, meh, fishing or spider it is.
Fishing spiders!

or probably something else cause fishing is a joke and spiders we already have enough bosses of (and people dont really enjoy being caught in nets/movement freedom reduction overall in this genre)

whatever, we'll see. CMON SHOW IT ALREADY
Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
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Skynet confirmed
The new skill gem will be the net, it is the same one used by enemies in Act 5, this skill will help us capture some enemies
If he meant fishing though, wouldn't he refer to trolling instead of a net? I'd love a trolling league though.

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