The Press Tour has Finished!

I think a Krill/Fishing league was just confirmed!

More than anything else, I'm relieved at the absence of teasers etc for the upcoming patch and league. There was far too much of this before 3.1 & Abyss. It raised expectations to the point where over-promising/under-delivering was inevitable.

Personally, my main wish for the next patch is for Quality, not quantity. Quality in terms of:

- An absence of bugs that are fundamental to the league (eg. lich boss spawn rate)
- Significant game performance improvements
- Substantial fixes for long-standing (i.e. >2 leagues old) bugs in the game

Greatly appreciate GGG's hard work and the incredible amount of new content in the last 12 months, but I for one am now wishing for Quality, not quantity.

May your announcement tomorrow be showered with post-valentine's day love, and more importantly, may the community's expectations be exceeded with the absence of big bugs and an abundance of performance improvements!
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Fishing league for sure.
Party more? Better net for all the players that now can fit in one party?
Announce of the announce, feels so good!
(also, cant handle the hype!)
one wish: no more bosses that spawn in corners.

i would really wish that exiles were back to their former glory, at least a bit.
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Chris wrote:
It certainly stretches the boundary of what can be considered an expansion vs. a content update/league.

They are all just content updates regardless of size.
What goodies lay in wait.

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