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I hope it's something like a new, competitive end game mechanic.

"Maybe I need a better net." -> fishing -> unlimited difficulty scaling on a special, random map (map fishing for good mobs and layout to compete for a better clear with other players)

End of league is kinda boring with only a few players left and not many things to achieve.
Hmmm - guys, it's Thursday.......Chris? Is there anybody in there.........
will announce full details this Thursday at noon PST (Friday 9am NZ time)

where are those full details ?
tru2dgame wrote:
Calling it now!

New League introduces a soul capture system that allows for a RNG chance to perform 'miraculous' upgrades to your gear. Shaper/Elder gear can have even crazier mods. Mods also allow for gear to go beyond the normal 20% quality cap.

Called it at 8:10pm EST on 2/13/2018.


Just wanted to point out how close this was...
SaintSoLo wrote:
Everyone's gonna be disappointed as fuck (or not) for suspecting fishing. The full hint is that he can't "CAPTURE it" in one sentence maybe he needs a bigger net.

You don't "CAPTURE" no fucking fish. Capture implies something more feral, something that needs to be tamed. I suspect monster hunting and catching. To what end, I have no clue.
IGN: NoahsArChen

"Oh awesome, this guy posted his current gear. Let me find him an upgrade!" ~Said no one ever.

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