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that sounds like some heavy crazy shiet is comming at us with next release /yeahaaa :)
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am im the only one dreaming of wierd tentecal sex with murmaids, while your dressed as a undead pirate? ohoy!

It's not just 200 people, there's 17k and growing views on the post, which indicate that the problem is much larger.

I'm just frustrated that they obviously don't give a damn and have all their focus on pumping out MTX, weekend sales etc. and content instead of making the game actually run.

As it is right now, I'm done, no more supporter packs no more MTX nothing cause the game is unplayable for me with FPS drops from 150 to 0 stutter etc.

40% GPU load in the goddamn start menu with the gateway selection!

I'm on an X99 I7-6850K with Nvidia 970 and 16GB ram, which should be plenty for a game such as this..

I've tried evey possible solution, like the rest of the people on the forum post, but nothing works.

Also every other game I play runs fine indeed.

Just saying it's a sad ending for such a great game!

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WTB Pirate League!
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i hope kotaku et al cheered at all the bug fixes you presented. like, the performance issues, the random crashes (especially with multithreaded engine) and instance crashes that are all fixed in 3.2. i dont even care about balancing issues anymore. playing poe is like handling a time bomb. it can blow up any time.
DoEFotGS wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:


I hope that packs will be ugly and I will not want to buy them, because you become greedy - one league pack for 60$, besides an expansion packs, now is not enough for you.

Sir what the fuck are you talking about, they have done multiple packs since beta. since when have they released 1 pack... go cry somewhere else. Btw , $60 dollars, or $120... pfff you act like these are in the same range as some of the previous packs. Ruler of Wraeclast Pack was $12500.

Edit: prophecy was the only one to have 1 pack @ $60.

Omg... 12500$ ?

I don't remembered, but thats 3.500.000,- ft what means; an avarge hungarian workman earn
2.100.000/ year.

So, jeez. I can eat from that money for 2-3 year... Really sad.

Anyway they not forced players to buy their packs and nice to support my favourite game's developers!
...but maybe if they create some smaller packs for 10$ more people wanna get it.
It's just marketing thing... the true greedyness is the map FRAGMENT stash tab(because I instant boughted the map tab before for my atziri fragments...LOL)! xD

By the way I really hyped for the new league like always since 2013, so thanks for everything GGG!
First Page! ;)
I need to know something about the next league, can you fish? Hm.
better net -> battle net -> invade Diablo realm and kill their players (if they has any)

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